Giselle Hasel

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School of Visual Art & Design
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Giselle Sarli Hasel has a passion for exploring philosophical and religious movements in the history of art. She approaches art history as a practitioner with 20 years of art illustration experience, a designer of a major museum of ancient art and archaeology, and a researcher focused on the impact of art in the biblical world and ancient Near East. Hasel has been involved in archaeological excavations at Masada, the Greco-Roman fortress of Herod the Great, the major Philistine site of Tel Miqne-Ekron, and Hazor, the largest Old Testament site and is currently involved with excavating at Khirbet Qeiyafa in Israel.
From 2002-2004 Hasel served as the design director and art coordinator for the Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum at Southern Adventist University. The museum, which opened in 2004, won an award from the Tennessee Association of Museums.
She has a bachelor’s in art and French (1992) from Andrews University, and a master’s in religion with an emphasis on museum design (2004) at Southern Adventist University. Since then, she has been enrolled in special standing doctoral courses in the Art History Department at Emory University and is currently working on her MFA in illustration at Savannah School of Art and Design. Her educational experiences have also included living in Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, and Cyprus, where she has had the opportunity to study several foreign languages and the art, architecture, and culture of those regions.
She is married to Michael G. Hasel (an archaeologist and professor in the School of Religion) and they have two daughters: Daniella, born in November, 1998, and Sarah, born in December, 2000. The family enjoys international travel, snow skiing, and hiking in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains