Chris Hansen

chChris Hansen
Physics and Engineering Department
Phone: 423.236.2915

Dr. Hansen has been a faculty member in the Physics Department since the fall of 1996. He enjoys teaching introductory courses in physics and earth science as well as upper division physics courses and laboratories. He has been the department chair since 2007.
Hansen completed a BS in physics and math at Southern College (now Southern Adventist University) and then earned a Ph.D. in physics in 1995 from Colorado State University before spending a year at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) as a post-doctoral researcher.
His research interests have focused on using lasers in novel ways including single atom detection of noble gas radioisotopes and ultrasensitive surface analysis using multi-step laser ionization as well as a laser trap (optical tweezers) to study bacteria. Hansen has worked at three different national research laboratories and sometimes takes students on field trips to visit colleagues at nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
In his free time, Dr. Hansen enjoys staying physically active--particularly cycling. He also enjoys learning about other cultures and has spent extended periods of time in Iceland and Bolivia. However, spending time with his wife and family is his favorite way to spend free time. He helps in his children’s Bible classes at his local church and enjoys helping them explore their ever-expanding universe.