Lorella Howard

lhLorella Howard
School of Nursing
Phone: 423.236.2951
Email: lhoward@southern.edu

Lorella Howard, associate professor of nursing, came to Southern Adventist University after completing a diploma of nursing from Hinsdale Hospital. After earning her BS in nursing at Southern, she was hired as a clinical instructor in 1970. She completed her master’s degree in nursing from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN in 1977 and continued to teach at Southern until 1984.
With three small children, she and her husband moved to Johnson City, TN where he attended graduate school at East Tennessee State University and then medical school, and completed a three-year residency in internal medicine. While her husband was in school, Mrs. Howard taught six years at ETSU in the BS nursing program and then worked in the medical center hospital and went one year to graduate school in biomedical sciences.
Returning to Southern in 1994, Mrs. Howard rejoined the nursing faculty where she teaches in the first semester of the nursing program. She states, “In fundamentals of nursing, you’ll not only learn a tremendous amount of knowledge and procedural skills, you must understand the principles in order to apply your knowledge, abilities and critical thinking skills to caring for real humans in crises. Expect to be challenged and love it! Southern’s program is tops, students and faculty are great, and I’m enjoying being back in Christian education.”