Januwoina Nixon

jnJanuwoina Nixon
Learning Support Services
Phone: 423.236.2577
Email: januwoinan@southern.edu

Januwoina (Ja-von-na) Nixon is director of Learning Support Services for Southern Adventist University. She has been a professional educator since 1982 having taught a wide variety of learners over the years, from kindergarten to university.
Her experience has taken her to a variety of contexts, from the urban areas of New York City to the sunny coasts of Southern California, to the southern hospitality of northern Alabama. Her love for teaching has inspired her to give her best for her students, particularly those who struggle for academic success. Her belief is that all students can learn if placed in an environment conducive to their learning style. Her goal as an educator is to help students grow in Christ as they better themselves for God’s service.
BA in Elementary Education from Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, MA
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, MA
Ph.D. candidate in Post-secondary and Adult Education, Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
Husband: John Nixon, professor of Religion at Southern
Children: John Nixon II, pastor of Immanuel Temple SDA Church in Durham, SC; Paul Nixon, teacher at Oakwood University; Clarise Nixon, teacher at Oakwood University
Grandchildren: John Nixon III, age 7; Julia Nixon, age 4