Joe La Com


Joe La Com
School of Visual Art & Design
Phone: 423.236.2090

Joe La Com holds a Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art & Design. He earned his bachelor's degree in Graphic Design right here at Southern.
Rooted in a passion for design and a fascination of the power of effective visual communication, Joe has gained 10 years of professional work experience. Specifically he has worked in the areas of print, identity, publication, and web design. During this time he has worked for design studios as a junior, mid-level, and senior designer. Each of these capacities have allowed him to grow as a designer and experience the various roles and responsibilities involved in the design process.
Joe strives to share his professional experiences and passion for design in the classroom. He enjoys helping students develop their talents and observing the creative energy they bring to the challenging projects they encounter along the way. Most importantly, he values the opportunity and privilege to interact and share with students in a Christ-centered environment.
Joe and his wife Tiffany have two sons, Nathan (age 3.5) and Zachary (age 2) When not in the classroom, studying design, working on an illustration or freelance project he stays busy playing with his sons, spending time with his wife, mountain biking, running, hiking, playing hockey, racquetball and football.