Valerie Lee

vlValerie Lee
Biology Department
Phone: 423.236.2930
Email: vlee@southern.edu

Valerie Lee graduated with a BS in Biology from Union College in 2008. She went directly into a master’s program at Loma Linda University, finishing her MS in Biology in 2011. Her research was on the vocalization of the endangered Bahama Oriole, found only on Andros Island. During three trips from 2005-2009, she was able to spend four months on the island studying this rare bird. Two of those trips were as an undergrad and the last as a graduate student. She has co-authored two papers and has submitted a third for publication.
She joined the Southern Adventist University staff in August 2011 and has taught General Biology lecture and labs, Biology Seminar, A&P I & II lecture and labs, and Principles of Biology.
Biology is a part of Mrs. Lee. She has been able to go bird watching in seven countries on three continents and while spending a year in Kenya as a student missionary was able to climb Kilimanjaro. The climb took six days and was over 50 miles. Each day you travel through a different ecological zone and the experience was amazing.
Mrs. Lee says, “I love learning about how things work and I love working with young people. Teaching science allows me to have the best of both worlds. Learning about nature and the amazing intricacies of life shows me daily evidence of a Creator. I hope to pass on some of my excitement about Biology to my students.”
Mrs. Lee is married and she and her husband enjoy bird watching, hiking, camping, and spending time with friends and family.