Alan Parker

apAlan Parker
School of Religion
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"Education is about transformation,” believes Alan Parker, professor of ministry and evangelism as well as director of the Pierson Institute of Evangelism and Missions in the School of Religion. He values teaching as an opportunity to mentor and challenge students in their Christian journey. “Some of my best teaching occurs outside the classroom, taking students on outreach or helping them find God’s will in personal counseling.”
Dr. Parker joined Southern from Amazing Facts, where he served as the vice president of evangelism and also as a director of their college of evangelism.
He originally hails from Southern Africa. Born and raised in Zimbabwe in a non-Christian home, he made a commitment to Christ at the age of 14 and by 16 was preaching his first evangelistic series. Since that time, he has enjoyed ministering as a pastor, campus chaplain, evangelist and teacher.
In addition to his teaching, Dr. Parker enjoys sharing biblical insights with an international audience and is well known for his presentations on Audioverse.
His wife Nicole looks after their three enthusiastic children, Anaya (10), Seth (8) and Skyler (7). She is well known for relationship and premarital counseling and loves inviting students over for meals. Dr. Parker’s greatest hobby is helping people to know Jesus in a more profound and transforming way. Teaching for him isn’t just a profession -- it’s a passion.