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Modern Languages Department
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Dr. Adrienne J Royo is a Professor in Spanish at Southern Adventist University, Collegedale, TN, in the Department of Modern Languages. She also teaches the Methods course for Modern Languages for the School of Education & Psychology. Prior to coming to SAU in 2009, she taught at the University of N. Carolina-Wilmington (2004-2005), Hampden-Sydney College, Farmville, VA (2005-2007), and Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA (2007-2009). She began her teaching career at J Sargeant Reynolds Community College, in 1989, where she taught for ten years; whereupon, she made the decision to pursue her doctoral degree in Romance Languages & Literatures from the University of N. Carolina-Chapel Hill, where she was a teaching Fellow for five years.
She earned an AB/BA in Spanish Education/Library Science/Romance Languages (1971), an MA in Spanish-American Literature (1977), and a Ph.D. in Romance Languages & Literatures (2007), from UNC-CH, She also participated in a Year-Abroad program at the Universidad de Sevilla, Seville, Spain (1973-1974), and received S.D.A. denominational certification in Elementary Education, from Colegio adventista de Sagunto, Sagunto, Spain, where she studied for two years (1974-1976).
Her love for Spanish was born when she moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, as a child, with her family, where she lived for six years. Since then she has had ongoing opportunities for contact with Spanish-speaking individuals through a multiplicity of venues; such as translating/interpreting and community involvement, as well as membership in Spanish-speaking Seventh-day Adventist church congregations, as co-founder and an active member. She is an ordained elder, which has offered the responsibility and privilege to serve as lay pastor. In July of 2010 she participated in a mission trip to the Loja Province of Ecuador where she preached in the main church in the capital of the province, as well as interpreting for a cooking/nutrition class and a medical clinic. Also, she conducted a week of evangelistic meetings, from which was born a new group of interests, with whom to share the gospel.
Dr. Royo has published her dissertation entitled Gabriela Mistral: The Teaching Journey of a Poet. She has published a companion book, Civilización y barbarie for a special topics Spanish-American literature course, as well as a resource book for the Teaching Methods course for Modern Languages, entitled Teaching Resources for Spanish Instruction: Treatise and bibliography. She published an article in the GA Cumberland Conference Communiqué, “Southern Singles Teach the Bible.” She has participated, presented, and chaired sessions at a number of conferences. At TAIE (TN Association of International Educators, Nashville, TN, she presented “Use It or Lose it: Post Study Abroad Challenges in Proficiency, Preservation, and Enhancement” (2010) and “Icons and Symbols –Cultural Spaces (2011). Kennesaw State University; 17th and 18th GA Conference on College & University Teaching, The University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, chaired sessions for the annual conference on literature and culture since 1900. She also participated in an NCLRC (National Capital Language Resource Center) institute at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., entitled “Using Backward Design for Planning Standards Based Instruction.” She was the Interpreter for the 59th General Conference Session (2010).
At the NAD Teacher Convention in Nashville in Aug. 2012, Dr. Royo presented a paper entitled "Languages-Tools for Faith Sharing." In November 2012 in Shanghai, China, she presented a Poster Fair presentation entitled "Languages Rentention Upon Return from a Study Abroad Experience."
Most recently, in May 2013, Dr. Royo was a team leader for the Southern ERC ShareHim Evangelistic series to Totonicapan, Guatemala. She was the interpreter for the Southern Singles Ministry Mission Trip clinic in Chantaco and El Cisne, Ecuador, and the worship service in Vilcabamba, Ecuador in July 2013. She also preached, taught the Sabbath School lesson, and preached for the Young People's meeting on Sabbath afternoon at the Iglesia del Valle in Loja, Ecuador.
During and following (by phone) the series in Totonicapán, Guatemala (2013), Dr. Royo was interviewed and spoke/sang on the local denominational radio station on a children's program, a drive-time variety show, and a program for human interest, as a follow-up to the team having been present in the area preaching and participating in other outreach opportunities, providing feedback and reactions from student preachers.
Dr. Royo was the team leader from Southern for the preachers for the 2014 mission trip to San José, Costa Rica, in partnership with Quiet Hour Ministries. She also presented at Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain (2014), with a Parallel Session entitled "Iconic Definition of a Culture".
Dr. Royo serves as Advisory Board Member (2013, 2014) and Workshop Presider (2013) for CSCTFL (Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foriegn Languages. She is a faculty sponsor for Southern's chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma.
God is her constant source of inspiration and her teaching career is her passion.

!Qué El Señor le bendiga!