Convocation F17 / W18



October 24

Anthony Trionfo
7pm Ackerman Auditorium


October 26

Philip Samaan
11a Collegedale Church


November 2

Student Missions Emphasis
11a Collegedale Church


November 9

David Payne
11a Iles PE Center
7p Ackerman Auditorium


November 16

John Crist
11a Iles PE Center
7p Thatcher Chapel


November 30

Town Hall Meeting
11a Iles PE Center


December 7

11a various locations


Credit Requirements*

Freshmen (0-23 class hours)
     Residential: 60 credits/semester
     Commuter: 40 credits/semester
Sophomore (24-54 class hours)
     Residential: 55 credits/semester
     Commuter: 36 credits/semester
Junior (55-93 class hours)
     Residential: 50 credits/semester
     Commuter: 32 credits/semester
Senior (94+ class hours)
     Residential: 45 credits/semester
     Commuter: 30 credits/semester
     Graduating Senior: 20 credits for last semester in which graduation occurs

 * Exempt include: married students, students with children, veterans, students 23 or older (before the start of the if turning during the semester), have earned 124+ class hours, online, student teaching and Consortium.