Student Organizations

Southern offers limitless opportunities for getting involved. Thanks to students with good ideas and the drive to get things done, the university hosts more than 50 clubs, societies, associations, and ministries — all open to new members with similar interests, skills, or just plain curiosity. If you would like to join any of these student organizations, either stop by booths at the Organization Showcase each fall or contact Student Services in the student center to be put in touch with a club officer. If you have an idea for a new club, visit Kari Shultz in the Student Life and Activities office.

Starting a Student Organization


Serving as an officer of a student organization not only adds to a student’s leadership experience, but also makes a contribution to the university’s overall social atmosphere. Some of the responsibilities of running a club include collecting dues, raising funds, organizing social events, submitting forms, and planning community service opportunities.

Running a Student Organization

BCUStudents interested in starting a new club must complete and submit a registration form along with the organization’s constitution and by-laws by the semester deadline. Pick up the registration form and ask questions in the Student Life and Activities office. Find out more in the Student Organization Handbook.



Student Organizations

Accounting Club

Working under the umbrella of the Business Society, the Accounting Club gives business students valuable experience in preparing to become future accounting professionals. Activities include visiting accounting firms, networking with professionals, and partnering with other business student organizations to participate in community service.

Allied Health

The Allied Health Club’s mission is to provide members with opportunities for growth in areas of professional development, social activities, and community service. Members learn to motivate and encourage each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and as fellow allied health professionals, receive job interview training, and have opportunities to speak with representatives from Loma Linda University and Andrews University about the next level of education.

Alpha Mu Gamma

Alpha Mu Gamma, International language Society, (Language Club) honors their students for outstanding achievement during their first year of foreign language study in college. 


Art Club

The Art Club provides an outlet for students to indulge their passion for art while spreading that love on campus and throughout the surrounding community. The club also is affiliated with American Institute of Graphic Arts. Members hold an annual event each Earth Day called "Earth Without Art Is Eh," featuring art made from recyclable materials. Other events include providing caricature artistry upon request, participating in community service outreach, and assisting with the Broad Street Film Festival.

Asian Club

The Asian Club encourages students to become aware of the increasingly diverse Asian heritage. Members promote free exchange of ideas with people of all ethnicities and are encouraged to grow stronger in their academic and spiritual lives. The club sponsors cultural and social events including spiritual retreats, outreach projects partnered with the local Korean church, and Asian Night—an annual event where students are invited to come and experience a variety of Asian cultures.

Biking Club

The Biking Club seeks to provide opportunities for students to enjoy road and mountain biking. Also to provide an option for an extra curricular activity that promotes health. To educate members on the maintenance and care of bikes. To provide a social support for one another's physical, mental, and spiritual well being.   


Biology Club

The Biology Club allows students with an interest in biology to become better acquainted with each other and promotes enhanced relationships and increased interaction with Biology Department faculty. Other key goals include fostering a spiritual atmosphere among members and increasing the visibility of the biological sciences on campus. Activities include watching educational films at IMAX theaters, camping, canoeing to a local bat cave, and volunteering at the Chattanooga Zoo.

Black Christian Union

The Black Christian Union (BCU) is all about celebrating unity through diversity. Since the 1980s, BCU and the One Praise Gospel Choir have hosted various worship services, sports events, and community service projects. Their biggest event, BCU Night, showcases American, African, West Indian, and South American cultures once a year in February.

Business Society

The School of Business and Management supports a number of organizations under the umbrella of the Business Society that encourage students to use the tools they are developing in their studies to prepare for future careers. Past events have included going on hiking trips in the mountains of Tennessee, visiting Rock City, and volunteering for various organizations.

Caving Club

The Caving Club strives to educate people in the basics of caving. Including the skills and knowledge necessary to be prepared and safe when exploring cave. 


Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club helps students with an interest in chemistry become better acquainted with each other and encourages healthy relationships with faculty. A spiritual atmosphere is fostered among members of the club who increase the visibility of the chemical sciences on campus through various activities like departmental assemblies, Friday evening vespers, and parties.

Communication Club

The Communication Club organizes journalism and communications majors and minors and establishes a sense of community that encourages professional and spiritual growth in students. Members are given opportunities to network with professionals in the field, visit the CNN Center in Atlanta, and participate in regular community service projects.

Computer Club

The Computer Club is the lifeline to the computer community on campus and provides people interested in computers with opportunities to learn and socialize together. In addition to convocations discussing electronics, robots, networking, and all other things computer science, club activities include laser tag battles and participating in community service projects.

ENACTUS (formerly SIFE)

Southern's chapter of the national ENACTUS organization is housed within the School of Business and recruits passionate students in business for Christ who are empowering communities by building partnerships and connecting resources to achieve sustainable outcomes.


Encounter engages students in answering tough questions through open discussions and dialogue with faculty members on campus as well as guest speakers and experts.

English Club

The English Club is a campus-wide organization run by students and tailored to students who want to take part in events and activities related to literature and the humanities. The club's mission is to increase the literary and cultural awareness of students on campus and to provide opportunities for members to attend cultural activities in the surrounding community. Activities include trips to the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta, watching literature-related films, and participating in several community service projects throughout the year.

Global Policy and Service Club

The GPS Club helps students interested in understanding global politics find ways to bring awareness to and assist in development challenges around the world and to share the love of Jesus with those in need.


Generation of Youth for Christ Southeast (GYCSE), previously SEYC, is the local southeastern conference of the larger Generation of Youth for Christ society. Their goal is to bring about a generation of passionate young people excited about Christ and His mission by instilling a higher vision for what God wants to accomplish in and through everyone’s lives. GYCSE involves both summer and school year evangelistic series and training.


This Bible Workers’ Club seeks to connect and equip students to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Three Angels message with the surrounding area through Bible work and evangelism. Members are given opportunities to fellowship with experienced evangelical speakers, receive training on how to spread the gospel while handling objections to the Christian faith, and participate in community service. This club often collaborates with other clubs on campus in outreach projects.

Kayak Club

The Kayak Club promotes the sport of kayaking to beginner, novice, and experienced kayakers by providing the knowledge and skills necessary for safe and successful kayaking. Members are encouraged to gain an appreciation for responsible use of rivers and waterways and enjoy recreational activities in a Christian social environment. Several local kayaking trips are scheduled throughout the year.

Latin American Club

The Latin American Club (LAC) caters to the Hispanic community on campus by providing cultural activities that enrich the student body's exposure to Hispanic culture. Annual events include a survival techniques camp and LAC Night, which gives the campus as well as the community a glimpse of Latin American cultures. Members are eligible to apply for the LAC Scholarship.

Phi Alpha (Social Work)

Phi Alpha is a national honor society committed to advancing excellence in social work practice and encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining scholarly pursuits of individual members. Membership requires junior class status, nine hours of social work, a 3.0 overall GPA, and a 3.25 GPA in major classes. Eligible students receive an invitation to apply each spring.

Phi Alpha Theta (History)

Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society for students and professors of history. Coordinated through the History Department on campus, the organization's mission is to create an environment of historical interest that facilitates learning and creative thinking. Members have participated in preserving history through community service projects like collecting oral histories and landscaping the historic Civil War battlefield at Chickamauga. They also worship together at special club convocations and vespers, and participate in fun activities like costume galas and election parties. Phi Alpha Theta is for history majors and minors who maintain an above-average academic record, and membership requires a completed application and one-time dues paid to the society. Membership is valid for life and includes a one-year subscription to The Historian, the academic journal of Phi Alpha Theta, and opportunities to apply for Phi Alpha Theta-sponsored scholarships.

Physical Education and Sports Studies Club

The Physical Education and Sports Studies Club enriches the learning of P.E. and sports studies majors and promotes a positive Christian image to students across campus. Activities include sponsored basketball, baseball, and hockey games as well as community service projects and bonfire worships and vespers.

Physics and Engineering Club

The Physics and Engineering Club is dedicated to revealing nature’s phenomena to Southern students. Its specific objective is to provide opportunities for people interested in physics and engineering to learn and socialize together. Professors and professionals from the work field are invited to come to campus and give lectures about subjects such as the program Mathematica and the particle accelerator in Switzerland. Members experiment with things like liquid nitrogen, air bazookas, and Rube Goldberg Machines and also participate in community outreach several times throughout the year.

Pre-Dental Club

The Pre-Dental Club provides students with information on dentistry and helps prepare members for dental school, including applications, testing, education, and maintaining a professional Christian lifestyle. Members have volunteered at a Tennessee Remote Area Medical (RAM) Clinic, served an orphanage in Kenya as a part of the Maasai Development Project, and participated in local tornado relief projects. Members also have opportunities to work alongside healthcare professionals and receive tips and training for furthering their education.

Pre-Med Club

The Pre-Med Club helps aid students in pursuit of a medical career through extracurricular social, mental, and spiritual opportunities. Members are given opportunities to speak with professional medical doctors and Loma Linda representatives about their future medical careers.

PRSSA (Public Relations)

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a network of more than 10,000 college students interested in public relations and communication. The purpose of Southern’s chapter is to encourage the understanding of current theories and procedures in the practice of public relations. Students of public relations gain the opportunity to become acquainted not only with their peers but with professional practitioners as well. The society encourages students to adhere to the highest ideals and principles of the practice of public relations and helps instill professional attitudes.

Psi Chi (Psychology)

Psi Chi is a national honor society designed to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarly pursuits of individual members in psychology. The primary goal is to advance the science of psychology on campus through various social activities and community service projects. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests and who meet the minimum qualifications.

SAU Republicans

The SAU Republicans are a group of students who strive to promote voter awareness, inform the student body on the beliefs, issues and positions of the Republican Party, and to provide service to the community.  

School of Nursing

The Nursing Club is an organization led by nursing majors with the goal of uniting both nursing majors and non-nursing majors through social events. Members are active in health-care related outreach both on campus and in the surrounding Chattanooga area. Events include camping trips, vespers, movie nights, and participation in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.


Support of Alternative Readiness (SOAR) is a club designed to promote awareness and inclusion, work to transform the perceptions and understanding of the challenges individuals with disabilities face. 


Social Work Club

The Social Work Club promotes a spirit of community among members of the School of Social Work and encourages activities that will promote spiritual, social, and intellectual development.

Society of Political Science

The Society of Political Science functions as a resource center, providing members relevant experiences related to law, politics, and government service.

Southern Ringtones

Southern Ringtones is a bell choir comprised of approximately 10 students who enjoy learning and performing new music. Their purpose is to glorify God through musical talent and provide an opportunity for students to participate in a hand-bell ensemble. This organization is available to students who know how to count and read music. Experience is preferred but not required.

Southern Striders

Southern Striders provides opportunities for students to compete and have fun running in a Christ-centered environment. Training runs and other extracurricular activities promote fitness and health among members. Activities include participating in two races each semester as a group, and volunteering to help at community road races. To join, show up for one of the group runs that meet on the steps of Wright Hall on Fridays at 6:10 a.m. and Sundays at 9 a.m.

Speak Light

Speak Light is a organization of students who express themselves and their love for God through spoken word. 


Student Ministerial Association

The Student Ministerial Association is made up of students who want to someday become future leaders of the church. As disciples of the Lord, members promote personal growth, mutual fellowship, and spiritual guidance. This association often  partners with other campus ministries to hold evangelistic series and book drives for the greater Chattanooga community. Members also receive opportunities for spiritual weekend retreats, on-campus ministry work, and the annual All-Night Softball games.

To Write Love On Her Arms

This club is part of a network of student organizations on college and university campuses supporting the non-profit TWLOHA movement, which is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Through organized meetings and events, Southern's chapter serves as a voice of hope, inspiration, and support to aid in the transformation of human lives through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Writer's Club

The Writer's Club includes students who enjoy writing and sharing their literary creations. With the mission to encourage creative writing among students, the club provides a forum of discussion among practicing writers. Members meet once a month for a free dinner and an evening of reading pieces. They also publish a literary magazine, Legacy, each spring with student-generated poetry, prose, art, and short stories.