Student Organizations

Southern offers limitless opportunities for getting involved. Thanks to students with good ideas and the drive to get things done, the university hosts more than 50 clubs, societies, associations, and ministries — all open to new members with similar interests, skills, or just plain curiosity. If you would like to join any of these student organizations, either stop by booths at the Organization Showcase each fall or contact Student Development in the student center to be put in touch with a club officer. If you have an idea for a new club, visit Kari Shultz in the Student Life and Activities office.

Starting a Student Organization


Serving as an officer of a student organization not only adds to a student’s leadership experience, but also makes a contribution to the university’s overall social atmosphere. Some of the responsibilities of running a club include collecting dues, raising funds, organizing social events, submitting forms, and planning community service opportunities.

Running a Student Organization

BCUStudents interested in starting a new club must complete and submit a registration form along with the organization’s constitution and by-laws by the semester deadline. Pick up the registration form and ask questions in the Student Life and Activities office. Find out more in the Student Organization Handbook.



Student Organizations

Accounting & Finance Club

The SAU Accounting and Finance Club facilitates student's pursuit to gain valuable experience in preparation for future careers in financial management. 

Adventist Peace Fellowship

Allied Health

To provide students with opportunities for growth in the areas of professional development, social activities, and community service, to share the love of Christ in various ways and thereby provide opportunities of spiritual growth. To motivate and encourage each other in Christ and fellow allied health professions.

Art Club

To provide an outlet for art-lovers here at SAU. To spread our love for art in the community, to set a positive Christian example to our fellow students.

Asian Club

The Asian club exists as an organization of students whose main focus is to foster awareness of the diverse Asian heritage of our campus. The club hopes to enrich the collegiate experience through the exchange of ideas, academic encouragement, social activities, and spiritual growth. 


Biology Club

Allow students interested in biology to become better acquainted with each other; promote better relationships and increased interaction between biology faculty and students, foster spiritual atmosphere among members; increase visibility of biological sciences on SAU campus and the surrounding community. 

Black Christian Union (BCU)

The purpose of BCU is to welcome and encourage individuals of all cultures to share the love of Christ, to motivate and encourage each other, and to serve SAU's community through music, drama, social activities and educational opportunities. 

Brazilian Club


Business Society

To help students develop networking skills, and provide service to our community. Assist business students as they grow in their business skills. 

Chemistry Club

To provide social as well as spiritual and community interaction for chemistry majors, chemisty minors, or anyone else who is interested in participating. 

Communication Club

To organize the journalism and communication majors and minors. To establish a sense of community among club members. To encourage professional growth and ocmmunity out reach and spiritual growth. 

Collegedale Korean SDA Ministry Group

Aims to help students get involved in the youth programs of local churches. The organization will provide extracurricular social and spiritual opportunites and activities to aid the members during their educaiton at SAU.

Computer Club

The computer club is organized and shall be operated under the general goals of computer education and advancement. Its specific objective is to provide opportunities for people interested in computers to learn and socialize together. 

Creature Kind Club

To raise awareness and support for compassion to animals. To help students discover the joy of advocacy and service projects related to helping others. 

Dropshot Tennis Club

Education Club

To nurture the development of caring persons who emulate the Christ-centered principles of discipleship and service through social activities and community service. 


An international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. 

English Club

The purpose of the Southern Adventist University English Club is to increase the literary and cultural awareness of students on our campus and to provide opprtunities to attend cultural events in our surrounding community. 

French Club

Global Leadership Society

To provide students with experiences with which they are able to expand their global perspective in different types of work environments. 


Generation of Youth for Christ Southeast (GYCSE), aims to mobilize and train young adults who are fully committed to the distinctive message and mission of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and who desire to take it to the world. 

History Club

To facilitate a student friendly environment with an emphasis in History. 


Connect and equip students to share the gospel of Jesus and the 3 angels message with the surrounding area through bible work and evangelism. 

Kayak Club

To grow the Kayaking community at SAU. Teaching river safety, respect for others, respect for gear, and respect for God. 

Latin American Club

To cater to the Latin community of Southern Adventist University through social activities,  religious programs, and club events. 

Luthier Club

To encourage the development of advanced woodworking knowledge and skills and also so students can share their Christian musical talents with surrounding communities.

Music Club

To offer activities and events that promote comaraderie and networking amoung those who are interetsed in the art of music. 

One Praise

To create opportunities for shared personal and worship experiences that allow for growth of a Christian family among members. 

Physics and Engineering Club

Organize and promote an interest in physics and engineering. It's objective is to provide opportunities for people intersted in physics and engineering to earn and socialize together. 

Psychology Club

To have an oganization that encourages, stimulates and maintains excellence in the scholarship of the individual members in all fields. Particularly in psychology. To advance the science of psychology. 

Pre-Dent Club

The purpose is to provide pre-dental students with info on dentistry and to aid in their preparation for dental school, applications, testing, education, and maintaining a Christian professional lifestyle. It is also to inform the members about upconing events in the field of dentistry. 

Pre-Med Club

The Pre-Med Club helps aid students in pursuit of a medical career through extracurricular social, mental, and spiritual opportunities. 

Pre-Vet Club

To provide pre-vet members with opportunities and resources to accomplish their goals and enjoy their shared interest in animals. 

PRSSA (Public Relations)

To encourage the understandings of current theories and procedures of the profession. Encouraging the highest ideals and the principles. Instilling a professional attitude. Encouraging section, associate, and eventually PRSSA member.

Southern Diabetes Club

Student Ministerial Association

To promote personal growth, mutual fellowship and spiritual guidance to religion majors of Southern Adventist University. Unite. Minister. Train.  

Society of Political Sciences

To introduce students to the political process and provide pre-law students with contacts and resources to help them advance their future careers. 

Support of Alternative Readiness

Society of Deaf Awareness

SODA shall promote the interests of the Deaf community while bringing together those who are interested and those in the community to help each other to better know Christ, to promote assurancess of the Deaf Culture and minister to any needs that arise within the community. 

School of Nursing

To have an organization led by nursing majors with the goal of uniting both nursing majors and non-nursing majors at SAU through social events. To become active members on campus and in the community through outreach focused on helping those in need. 

Southern Math Society

To provide opportunities for people interested in math to share ideas. Encouraging members to make presentations on mathematical concepts and organizing social events with members and friends.

Southern Smiths

To further blacksmithing in the university community, outfit a studio to practice the art, and provide accredited blacksmith classes for students.

Southern Striders

Provide opportunities for students to compete and have fun. Provide a variety of times to run. Provide an extracurricular activity that promotes health to anyone. To put God first and foremost in every run.

Southern Ringtones

The purpose of the Southern ringtones is to provide an opportunity for students at Southern to perform in a handbell ensemble and to glority God through our musical activities.

Speak Light

The purpose of our group is to express our love for God and to express ourselves through spoken word, to collaborate with other ministries and create an atmosphere of diversity, help students grow as poets in Christ, and share our talents with the community and give back to God 

Social Work Club

SWC is to promote a spirit of community amoung members of the school of social work and to encourage activities that will promote spiritual, social, and intellectual development among the members.

The Woman's Collective

The women's collective is a student organization dedicated to women's empowerment, intersectional activism, conscious-raising aud-education within the SAU community.

Topspin Table Tennis Club

To bring the Table Tennis community at Southern together.


To encourage students to explore their vocal capabiities in a group setting.

Young Americans for Liberty

To train new activists for liberty and to educate the student body about their freedoms.

Young Democrats of SAU

Create and environment of learning.