Student Support Team

The Student Support Team provides timely and appropriate intervention for students facing circumstances that may impede their academic success. The team's efforts are designed to raise the level of retention and persistence to graduation.

Missing class  
Sleeping through class  
Doing poorly on quizzes and tests  
Displaying anti-social behavior  
Failing to turn in assignments  
Not showing up for work  
Indicating serious personal or family problem  
Displaying depression  
Unusual homesickness  
Lack of social connection  

Since a student's decision to withdraw is usually influenced by multiple factors, the team will attempt to improve retention by gathering information from multiple sources with the hope of seeing the "whole picture" for each student. Based on this expanded awareness of the student, they attempt to plan an individualized intervention strategy.

Intervention can take many forms. It will always involve contacting the student. It may be an open and frank conversation, or it may involve being a good listener, and/or providing a referral for help. Nevertheless, intervention is always done with respect and dignity for the student involved.