Loyalty Circle Members

  • Bowman Hills SDA Church
    Calhoun Anesthesia, P.C.
    Center for Car Donations
    Chase Farms, Inc
    China Kitchen, Inc.
    Collegedale SDA Church
    Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
    Deron, LLC
    Dow Chemical Company Foundation
    Executive Women International - EWI of Chattanooga
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    Florida Hospital
    Four Corner's Car Wash
    GE Foundation
    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
    Georgia-Cumberland ABC
    Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
    Greater Collegedale Schools
    Hair Designers
    Heritage Funeral Home, LP
    Home Trust Bank
    Integrated Concrete, Inc
    It Is Written
    McKee Foods Corporation
    North American Division of GC
    Outback Steakhouse
    Polly's Outreach Ministries
    Procter & Gamble Foundation
    Professional Accounting & Management
    Raymond James Financial, Inc
    Schwab Charitable Fund
    Scott's Bicycle Center
    Southeastern California Conference
    Southern Union Conference of SDA
    Tennessee Awning Company
    Thai Smile Cuisine
    The Foundation for Adventist Education
    The Kennedy Foundation, Inc
    The Lomenacque
    Turner Realty
    UnumProvident Corporation
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
    Verizon Foundation
    Western Adventist Foundation
    Dorothy Abbott
    Lee Abelson
    Clark and Ester Acker
    Cal and JoAnn Acuff
    Howard and Faye Acuff
    Fred Acuff
    Chloe Acuff
    Jessie Adams
    David and Peggy Adels
    Ray and Charlotte Adkins
    John Agree
    Jooyong and Suzanne Ahn
    Bob and Kathy Aitken
    George and Becky Alder
    Daniela Ale-Salvo
    Neil and Cynthia Allen
    David and Kerry Allen
    Donald Ambler
    Anthony and Verna Ames
    Paul Amos
    Pam Anders
    Melody Anderson
    Robert and Shirley Anderson
    Nancy Anderson
    Judith Anderson
    Judith Anderson
    Scot and Patti Anderson
    Rick and Andrea Anderson
    Sophie Anderson
    Matthew and Elisabeth Anderson
    Roger and Joyce Andrews
    Don and Shelley Andrews
    Brooke Andrews
    Ted Anthonisen
    Matthew and Michelle Arant
    Tim and Rachel Arner
    Peter Arrowsmith
    Daniel Auda
    Jim and Lynn Aumack
    Leon and Cheryl Austin
    Anne Austin
    Richard and Emily Auten
    Margaret Ayers
    John and Joyce Azevedo
    Erikka Baehring
    Eric and Angela Baerg
    Maxfield Bahner
    Renee Bainum
    Tim and Donna Bainum
    Evea Bainum
    Elmer and Katie Baker
    John and Murdnal Baker
    Scott and Lorraine Ball
    Bryan and Ana Banos
    Mark and Elsilynn Barber
    Loren and Rebecca Barnhurst
    Ron and Colleen Barrow
    Brent Barrow
    Ronnie and Kitty Barrow
    Paul and Ann Bartlett
    Marie Bartlett-Sloan
    Rick and Gayle Baskin
    Danny and Anita Bates
    J. C. and Malu Bautista
    Mary Baxter
    Patricia Beaman
    David and Donnalene Beardsley
    Douglas and Tresa Bechard
    Barry and Laura Becker
    John and Barbara Beckett
    Dinny Bedard
    E. and Karen Bekowies
    Robert and Misty Bell
    Raymond Bell
    Bob and Debbie Benge
    Kyle and Kaleigh Benge
    Allen and Joan Benjamin
    Harry Bennett
    Elsena Benson
    Amy Bercher
    Thilo Best
    Clifford Betts
    Jim and Doris Bieber
    Carl Bieberitz
    Gordon and Cynthia Bietz
    Claire Binder
    Selma Bird
    Wilber Bishop
    Randy Bishop
    Charles and Krystal Bishop
    Darin and Bekah Bissell
    Sarah Blackwell
    W. W. and Pat Blackwell
    B. J. and Bernice Blaine
    Priscilla Blancett
    Frieda Blanchard
    Jack Blanco
    Dianaly Blas
    Gavin Bledsoe
    Tom and Dianne Bledsoe
    Gary and Laurey Blinn
    Mallory Blumer
    Kharl and Amy Bocala
    Lorene Boddy
    Marie-Helen Boehm
    Charles and Sue Bolick
    Richard Bolles
    Gerald Bond
    Mary Bondurant
    Stephen and Kerri Boone
    Lyda Bostick
    Ronald Boston
    Paul Bothmann
    Ernie Boughman
    Krantsy Boursiquot
    Bob and Norma Bowers
    Robert Bowers
    Judith Bowers
    Don Bowman
    Howard Box
    Michael Boyd
    Mike and Jodi Boyd
    Jim and Darleen Boyle
    Marc Boyson
    Thomas Bragg
    Clay and Alice Breakie
    Denis and Joy Breetzke
    Harley and Dorothy Bresee
    Matthew and Jenny Brewer
    Eugene and Patricia Brewer
    Fletcher Bright
    Heather Brockett
    Robert and Pamela Brooks
    Justin and Becky Brooks
    David and Linda Brooks
    Doug and Millie Brown
    Ron and Glenda Brown
    Harold and Hilde Brown
    Rosemary Brown
    Mark and Susan Brown
    Kevin and Jennifer Brown
    Catherine Brown
    Adam and Jessie Brown
    Robert Brown
    John and Renee Brownlow
    Margaret Brownlow
    Jerry and Mary Bruckner
    Katharine Bruner
    Don and Myrtle Brunner
    Jason and Elizabeth Bryner
    Donna Bryson
    Carolyn Buckingham
    Boyd and Randi Buhl
    Rick Bullion
    Heidi Bullock
    Esther Bunch
    Jean Burgdorff
    Nancy Burns
    Richard Burns
    Bob and Kerry Burns
    Tim and Charis Burrill
    Frank and Helen Burtnett
    Alan Bush
    Thetis Bush
    Hendel and Menjette Butoy
    Pamela Byerly
    Michael and Rachel Byrd
    Andy Caban
    Cad Cadavero
    Barbara Cadavero
    Paul and Lucy Cahill
    Mary Caldwell
    Mary Caliandro
    Madelyn Callender
    Kay Campbell
    Luis and Ruth Camps
    Alice Cannella
    Dennis and Kristi Canther
    Terry Cantrell
    Cheerie Lou Capman
    Chris and Setsuko Carey
    Mary Carey
    Rodney and Jeannie Carlson
    Vivian Carlson
    Sue Carroll
    Will Carroll
    Frances Carroll
    Ray and Mabel Carson
    Jimmy and Carolyn Carter
    Greg and Linda Case
    Steve and Conni Cash
    Tammy Castleberg
    Amanda Cate
    Jan Cathey
    Millas and Betty Cato
    John Caudill
    Billie Rachle Caudill
    Brad Cauley
    Ken and Claryce Caviness
    Richard Center
    Esther Chace
    Samson Chama
    Arthur Chamberlain
    Stephen and Kathy Chandler
    Jeanne Chase
    Bryan and Becky Cheever
    Ginger Cheney
    Harold and Mary Cherne
    Richard and Daryl Chesney
    Allen and Bethany Chesney
    Norman and Rose Chesnut
    Bruce and Becky Chesnut
    Brad Child
    Bob and Phyllis Ching
    Hugo Christiansen
    Muriel Christiansen
    Monique Christiansen
    John and Linda Chung
    Caren Churkey
    Jose and Holly Cintron
    Arnold Clapp
    Ann Clark
    Lawrence and Melvina Clark
    Mary Clark
    Ernest and Freda Clark
    Joan Clarke
    Gerald and Kimberly Clemmons
    Jim and Myrna Closser
    German and Alicia Clouzet
    Jo Coke
    Ryan and Jennifer Colburn
    Linda Collins
    Shawn and Beverly Collins
    John and Susan Collins
    John Colvin
    Richard and Asti Conibear
    Paul and Darlia Conn
    Greg Cook
    Bill Coolidge
    Rob Coombs
    Dick Coon
    Amos and Vera Cooper
    Peter and Laurie Cooper
    Raymond Copeland
    Eugene Corcoran
    Earl and Linda Cornell
    Frank Costerisan
    David and Carol Cotton
    Doug and Victoria Coulter
    Ruben Covarrubias
    Kyle Cox
    Faye Cozzi
    Jon and Judy Crabtree
    Elisabeth Craig
    Don and Diane Crane
    Randy and Cheryl Craven
    Jay Craven
    Rolland Crawford
    Pamela Crichton
    Evonne Crook
    Gerald and Barbara Cross
    Malcolm Cross
    Jeffrey Cross
    Clay and Clayton Crouch
    Jim and Judy Culpepper
    Betty Culver
    Richard and Jeanette Cureton
    David and Jennifer Currier
    Fred and Nancy Curry
    Victor and Rene Czerkasij
    Jonathan and Krista Dale
    Dorthy Dameron
    Chet and Carolyn Damron
    Martha Dannenberger
    Michael and Julie Dant
    Michael and Janine Darkens
    Alan and Alysa Darmody
    Nolan and Margaret Darnell
    Chuck and Peggy Datres
    Steve and Carol Daugherty
    Alice Davenport
    Lucy David
    Judith Davidson
    Ronald and Gail Davis
    Tom and Susan Davis
    Bonnie Davis
    Kent and Patti Davis
    Larry and Elsie Davis
    Wilbur and Margaret Davis
    Tamara Davis
    Marlene Davis
    Mark and Beth De Fluiter
    Ralph and Janice Deaton
    Linden deCarmo
    Nick and Karen Decosimo
    Jay and Judy Dedeker
    Ken and Judy DeFoor
    Judy DeLay
    Hardeo Deonarain
    Norina DeRose
    Cheryl Des Jarlais
    David and Alice Dettwiler
    Harvey and Astrid Diaz
    Joyce Dick
    Arthur Dickerson
    David Dickerson
    Terry and Pam Dietrich
    Eric and Jana Dietsche
    Tom and Lisa Diller
    Albert Dittes
    Pat Dittes
    Dave and Becky Djernes
    Duane and Elaine Dodd
    Chris and Heidi Donavan
    Melvin Donesky
    Barry and Nancy Donesky
    Alberto and Joan dos Santos
    Michelle Doucoumes
    Linda Dowlen
    William Doyle
    Mark and Pamela Duffy
    David Dungan
    Elizabeth Dunlap
    Dennis Dupin
    Rob and Amanda Durham
    John and Helen Durichek
    Martin and Faith Durkin
    Donald and Elizabeth Dykes
    Jeffery Dyrek
    Bill and Yvonne Dysinger
    Robert Eagle
    Roger and Shirley Eck
    Barbara Edgar
    Paul and Louise Eirich
    Mary Elam
    Virginia Eldridge
    Lynn and Paula Elkins
    Harold and Peggy Elkins
    Caroline Ellis
    Mildred Elsberry
    Joan English
    Nannette Enloe
    James and Jane Ensign
    John and Barbara Erhard
    Jeff and Darla Erhard
    Barbara Erhard
    Richard Erickson
    Clarice Esquilla
    Tom and Shirley Evans
    Jerry and Molly Evans
    Terry and Kristi Evans
    Paul and Ellen Evans
    Joy Evans
    Nick and Leslie Evenson
    Loren and Judy Ewing
    Ronald Eytchison
    Jack Facundus
    Henry Farr
    Franklin and Tamatha Farrow
    Thomas and Sarah Faulkner
    Bonnie Feese
    Felicito and Lynette Fernando
    Josh Fickett
    Xenia Figueroa
    Jere and Terri Fillman
    Noel and Dianne Fillman
    Naomi Fillman
    Mike and Sally Fisher
    LaDell Fisher
    George and Holly Flaherty
    Belinda Fleming
    Bill Flerl
    Mary Flerl
    David and Betty Floyd
    Emma Flynt
    Mike and Renee Fogg
    Daniel and Wanda Forbes
    Joyce Ford
    Laronda Forsey
    David Forsey
    Ann Foster
    Steven and Tricia Foster
    Toya Foster
    Judy Foulkes
    Jewel Fountain
    Blake and Paula Foust
    Gladys Fowler
    Lynda Fowler
    Jim and Sarah Fowler
    Jude and Ingrid Foxall
    Cyril and Karen Franke
    Floyd Franklin
    Billy and Emily Freck
    Rosalie Frederick
    Bonnie Freeland
    Paul and Kathleen Freeman
    Albert and Phyllis Freiermuth
    Russell and Linda Friberg
    William Fronk
    Doug and Lora Frood
    Reg Frood
    Elgin and Jane Frye
    Freddy Fuentes
    Mike Fulbright
    Sharon Fulford
    Norma Fuller
    Sally Fuller
    Trevor Fulmer
    John Furman
    Carol Futcher
    Bob and Holly Gadd
    Ray and Shirley Gager
    Elaine Gaillard
    Erin Galloway
    Esteban Galva
    Robert and Pam Gammenthaler
    David Gano
    Miguel and Karla Garcia
    Orlando Garcia
    Danny and Irma Garcia
    Caroline Garner
    Phil and Betty Garver
    Jeff and Caroline Gates
    Wesley Gates
    John and Julia Gatta
    Alan Gatward
    Laurie Gauthier
    Rita Gavin
    Judi Gazaway
    Roger Geach
    Michael Gee
    Sarah Giang
    Lynell Gifford
    Bill and Anne Giles
    Lynette Gillen
    Brian Glass
    Dwain and Judy Glass
    Eugene and Ruth Glenn
    Bertin Glennon
    Jerry and Bryce Goddard
    Kathy Goddard
    Glenn and Winnie Gohde
    Kayla Goia
    Clifford and Kimberly Goldstein
    Dennis and Stefanie Golightly
    Hector and Lori Gonzalez
    Brent and Synnova Goodge
    Lisa Goolsby
    Robin and Yolande Gottfried
    Mitzi Graham
    Lucille Graham
    Obed and Coretta Graham
    Victor Gramount
    Chris and Jill Granberry
    William and Elizabeth Grater
    Mary Jane Graves
    James Greasby
    William and Jennifer Green
    Richard and Elaine Green
    Bill and Caroline Gregory
    Rick and Denel Greve
    Bob and Nancy Greve
    Peggy Griffin
    Ben and Helen Gross
    Harold and Elaine Grundset
    Marc and Meagan Grundy
    Janye Guinn
    Norman and Leona Gulley
    James and Trenise Gulley
    John Gunn
    Patti Guthrie
    Mary Guthrie
    Todd Guthrie
    Melvin Halbert
    Tyson and Kristy Hall
    Dan and Susan Hall
    Cindy Hall
    Elmer and Patricia Hall
    Barry and Jamie Hall
    Jason Hall
    David Hallman
    Peggy Hallman
    Wesley and Joyce Hallman
    Lloyd and Dora Hallock
    Nelson and Connie Hallock
    Rick and Janet Halterman
    Jan and Marcia Haluska
    Bobby and Joni Hamilton
    Marty and Carolyn Hamilton
    Paula Hamilton
    Thomas and Debbie Hamilton
    Chris and Angie Hammonds
    Brent and Emily Hamstra
    Dolores Ham-Weisberg
    Kenneth Hancock
    Willis and Sharon Hankins
    Skip and Terry Hann
    Chris and Gaylene Hansen
    Ivan and Barbara Hansen
    Carl Hansen
    Lynn Harding
    Marci Hare
    Wayne and Lynell Harlow
    Annie Harpe
    Jeffrey Harper
    Nildo Harper
    Buddy and Ruth Harris
    David and Virginia Harris
    J. and Deanna Harrison
    Carol Harrison
    Doris Harsman
    Troy and Ann Hart
    Stan and Paula Hartin
    Evelyn Hartloff
    Steve and Dolores Harvey
    John Hasek
    Michael and Giselle Hasel
    Jeni Hasselbrack
    Loran and Loretta Hauck
    Russell and Valerie Haveman
    Ted and Agnes Haveman
    Roger and Jan Haveman
    Joyce Hawkes
    Gregory and Elaine Hayden
    Robert and Sherry Hayes
    C. W. Hayes
    Paula Haynes
    Edward and Sandra Haynes
    Mitch and Vivian Hazekamp
    Adam and Annette Heck
    Jim and Rita Heckrotte
    Ray and Inelda Hefferlin
    Stephen and Jan Hefner
    David Heinrich
    Richard and Linda Hellie
    Ralph Hendershot
    Mary Henderson
    Kenneth and Agida Henderson
    Rogers and Mary Henderson
    Wilfred Henderson
    Barry Hendrick
    Volker and Linda Henning
    Betty Henninger
    Anne Henniss
    Donald and Elsie Henson
    Nathan and Erin Henson
    Bruce and Kathy Herbert
    Ryan and Mindy Herman
    Christopher and Eunice Hernandez-Hudson
    Dwight and Janita Herod
    Ron and Chris Herr
    Steve and Jamie Herr
    Paul Hesselink
    Keith and Patrice Hieb
    James Hiestand
    Bill and Polly Higgins
    Mervin Hilke
    Doug and Heather Hilliard
    Marty and Tammy Hirschkorn
    Ted and Debbie Hittle
    Rosalind Ho
    Stan and Barbara Hobbs
    Jeff and Jenny Sue Hocking
    Becky Hodges
    David and Carole Hoekenga
    Jim and Vera Hoffer
    Jean Hogshead
    David Holland
    Martin Hollingsworth
    Ben and Barbara Holt
    John Hood
    Louise Hoover
    Paul and Andrea Hoover
    Bob Hopper
    Gary and Margaret Horinouchi
    Walter Horne
    Bob and Barbara Houghton
    Danny and Sondra Houghton
    Lars and Julie Houmann
    Roy Howard
    Jeff and Angela Howard
    Larry and Lorella Howard
    Marshall and Nancy Howard
    Jake and Bobbie Howell
    Susan Howick
    Jennifer Huck
    Steve and Caroline Hudson
    Howard and Charlotte Huenergardt
    Clark Huffman
    Tina Huffman
    Mary Hull
    Harry and Berneice Hulsey
    Allen Humbrecht
    John and Ruthann Hunnicutt
    Bonnie Hunt
    Robert Hunter
    Larry and Jaclynn Huse
    Julie Hyde
    Walter Inge
    Jim and Becky Ingersoll
    Ronald and Susan Ingham
    Stephen and Vanda Ingham
    David and Deborah Ingram
    Jack and Linda Ireland
    Rosalva Jacinto
    Lisl Jackson
    Larry and Valerie Jackson
    Mark Jacobs
    Doug and Lanell Jacobs
    David and Barbara James
    Jackie James
    Hollis and Amelia James
    Janessa James
    Isaac James
    David and Jennie Janssen
    Wayne and Elaine Janzen
    Linda Jarrell
    Darlyne Jarrett
    Walt and Marcia Jenison
    Elaine Jensen
    David and Kathi Jensen
    Donald and Joanne Jensen
    Donald and Sharon Jernigan
    Breven Jewel
    Tim and Cindy Johnson
    Harold and Harriet Johnson
    Ron and Frances Johnson
    Kent and Kelli Johnson
    Richard Johnson

  • Steve and Jennifer Johnson
    Brian and Erika Johnson
    William and Sherry Johnson
    Walter and Maxine Johnson
    Donald and Susie Johnson
    Jeff and Judy Joiner
    Ken and Patricia Jones
    Matt and Rebeca Jones
    Jimmy and Lynn Jones
    Chet Jordan
    Art and Donna Kanna
    Steven Karst
    Gary and Sue Kaufman
    Rose Keilany
    Raymond and Julia Keitt
    Garth and Barbara Keizer
    Grace Kellogg
    Eager and Clara Kelly
    Dan Kennedy
    Molly Kennedy
    Gerald and Jean Kenyon
    John and Barbara Keyes
    Kevin and Gennevieve Kibble
    Joan Kilgore
    Paul Kilgore
    Nellie Killion
    Louise Kimmel
    Aiko Kimura
    Kenneth and Frances King
    Jane King
    Greg and Mary King
    Jeff King
    Bertha Kingsbury
    William Kinnaman
    Rick Kinsey
    Tina Kinsey
    Jacqueline Kinsman
    Jessica Kisunzu
    Jean Klaes
    Donald and Elizabeth Klinefelter
    Chris and Liz Klinvex
    Dorothy Knapp
    Peg Knecht
    Sam and Eve Knight
    Amy Knowles
    Christoff and Carol Kober
    Bela and Diane Kobor
    Gunter and Erna Koch
    Paul and Carol Koles
    Scott and Brenda Kornblum
    Tim and Jean Korson
    Gerald and Sandra Kovalski
    Willfried Kowarsch
    Helen Krall
    Marie Krall
    Barbara Kraner
    Bill Krause
    Reed and Dana Krause
    Stephen and Sara Kuhn
    Carolyn Kujawa
    Richard and Carol Kunau
    Emily Kurlinski
    Joe and Tiffany La Com
    David and Mary Laband
    Bill and Connie Lackey
    Craig and Bethany LaFave
    Ralph and Elsie LaFave
    Michael and Catherine Lahey
    Kenneth Lake
    Danny and Kelli Lamberton
    Brian and Amelia Laneville
    William Latimore
    Donn and Esther Latour
    Ken and Faith Laughlin
    Edna Lavecka
    Ron Lavender
    Eric and Jill Lawinsky
    Jack and Vicky Leather
    Donn and Annette Leatherman
    Linda Lechler
    Lillian Lee
    James and Valerie Lee
    Bill Leiper
    Paul Leitner
    Nardi Leonce
    Ermine Lewis
    Jim and Emogene Lewis
    Tarsee Li
    Bob and Carolyn Liers
    Aubrey and Barbara Liles
    Mike and Delynne Lilly
    Chris and Cathy Lindsey
    Michael and Karen Link
    Helen Lippert
    Dick Lippert
    Michael and Viki Little
    Brian and Esther Liu
    Nick and Amanda Livanos
    Robert and Julia Lofink
    Danny and Janet Loh
    Linda Lohr
    Loren Lomenick
    Jeff and Yolanda Londis
    David and Devotis Long
    Shane and Beth Long
    John and June Loor
    Ruben Lopez
    Vincent and Melodie Lopez
    Thomas and Elena Lopez
    Carlos Lopez
    Douglas and Sherrilyn Lorenz
    Angela Lorenz
    Gene Louden
    Marvin Lowman
    Rudy and Georgia Lowrance
    Jose and Lilly Loza
    Ed and Sharon Lucas
    Walter and Ruth Ludwig
    Jim Luke
    Joan Lund
    Mary Lynn
    Reninaldo Macias
    Lynne Macias
    Merritt and Gail MacLafferty
    Marilyn Mahabee-Harris
    Pat Malala
    Jutta Malgadey-Geldersma
    Dave and Susan Mansfield
    Don Maples
    Gwenn Maples
    David and Patricia Markoff
    Jim and Linda Marlowe
    John and Joy Marshall
    James and Pauline Martin
    Gerald and Kathleen Martin
    Jean Martin
    Carlos and Nolly Martin
    Leslie Martinez
    Donald and Betty Martin-McPeck
    Alma Martz
    Joe and Sally Mashburn
    Trevor Matchim
    Ken and Cheryl Mathews
    Don and JP Mathis
    Kris May
    Harold and Sylvia Mayer
    Frank and Cindy McBryar
    Kimberly McCain
    Noah and Leta McCall
    Thomas McCallie
    Michael and Cindy McCaughan
    Fred McClanahan
    George and Suzanne McClellan
    Jim and Jan McConnell
    Leslie and Barbara McCoy
    Jay and Margie McCubbins
    Fred McDonald
    J.R. McDonald
    Jay and Stefanie McElroy
    Todd McFarland
    Robert McFarland
    Mildred McGainey Williams
    James McGarvey
    Billy and Charlene McGhee
    Bill and Kitty McGhinnis
    Katie McGrath
    Isabel McGraw
    Sarah McHenry
    Ellsworth and Sharon McKee
    Joy McKee
    Mark and Barbara McKinney
    James Ray and Phyllis McKinney
    Gary McLarty
    Ryan and Liz McLennan
    David McLeod
    Barbara McMahan
    Robert and Patricia McPeak
    Jerry Medanich
    Ron and Lucy Medford
    Larry Medina
    Henry Meinecke
    Lowell and Dellene Meister
    Ed Mejia
    Andy and Angela Mejias
    Lizette Mendoza-Williams
    Mitch and Susan Menzmer
    Bob and Agnes Merchant
    Houston and Margarita Merriman
    George and Nancy Merz
    Joe and Cheryl Miceli
    Joshua and Brianne Michalski
    Norman and Barbara Middag
    Allen and Pat Middaugh
    Joe and Dana Milholm
    Dennis and Bobbie Millburn
    Gordon and Rita Miller
    Harry and Kimberly Miller
    Marty and Gale Miller
    Amanda Miller
    Jon and Rebecca Miller
    Sharon Mills
    Joyce Mills
    Crystal Milne
    Joseph Milner
    Ida Minor
    Ian Mitchell
    Philip and Sonatina Mitchell
    Alice Mitchell
    Judy Mogul
    Ronald Mohr
    Maureen Molina
    Herdy and Christine Moniyung
    Robert and Kari Montague
    Richard and Nora Moody
    William Moon
    Renita Moore
    Brian and Janeen Moore
    Justo and Marcella Morales
    Craig and Cynthia Morgan
    Haruka Mori
    Nancy Morkert
    Chet Morris
    Ronald and Sandy Morris
    Jim and Brenda Morris
    Rick and Laura Morrison
    Richard and Helen Morrow
    Jay Morrow
    Rick and Pam Mountz
    John and Kimberly Muaya
    Larry and Debra Mulhall
    Jonathan Mullen
    Gary Muncy
    Bill and Susi Mundy
    Joel Murchison
    Jean Murphy
    L. B. Murray
    Myrlene Murray
    Joan Murray
    Sukie Myers
    Matt and Tamara Nafie
    Brian and Lori Nase
    Robert and Sandra Nash
    Dorothy Nation
    Ralph and Beatrice Neall
    Greg and Heidi Nelson
    Harry and Lynda Nelson
    Dorothy Nemecek
    Ruben Neuharth
    Philip Newton
    Brent and Sandra Nicely
    James Nicholson
    Ken Nickerson
    John and Laurel Niemeyer
    Jerome Niswonger
    John and Januwoina Nixon
    Nikki Noel
    Evie Nogales-Baker
    Milton and Ethel Norrell
    Joy-Lynn Norris
    Rick and Jeanne Norskov
    Ken and Julie Norton
    Nytta Norton
    Pierre and Virginie Nzokizwa
    Frederick Obear
    Gayle O'Brien
    Erling and Leona Odell
    John and Myrna Odom
    Robert and Barbara Oldham
    George Oliphant
    Alberta Oliver
    Allen and Barbara Olsen
    Cliff and Susan Olson
    Hans Olson
    David and Cathy Olson
    Pat Orange
    Laurel Osborn
    J. S. and Amy Osborn
    John Osborn
    Jeanne O'Steen
    David and Ida Otis
    Raffy and Carmel Ouzounian
    Jill Ow
    Lenny Ow
    Arlene Owens
    Wilfred and Anicia Pacamalan
    Patricia Pagan
    Peter Palmer
    Angela Palmer
    Glen Palmer
    Richard Park
    Martha Parker
    Barry Parker
    Alan and Nicole Parker
    Carlos and Beverly Parra
    Craig and Lois Parrish
    Marjorie Pasch
    James Patching
    Girish and A. G. Patel
    Christian Patino
    David and Jodi Patterson
    Lucas Patterson
    Pam Patterson
    Wes Paul
    Danita Payne
    Deborah Payne
    Doug and Linda Peach
    Mark Peach
    Dwight Pease
    Sheri Peck
    Ava Peek
    Dale and Rachel Pegel
    Gordon and Jessie Pendergrass
    Les Pendleton
    David and Linda Pennebaker
    Doug and Julie Penner
    Ever Perez
    Louesa Peters
    Bonnie Peterson
    Dennis Pettibone
    Don and Susan Pettibone
    Richard and Nancy Pettibone
    Elvin and Betty Pettigrove
    Nancy Petty
    Jerilyn Pewsey
    Hal and Betty Phillips
    Joseph Pierce
    James Pierce
    Clarence Pillsbury
    Gilbert Pingel
    Kathy Pires
    Raymond and Andrea Pitkow
    John and Sharon Pittman
    Jo Ann Platkowsky
    Elaine Plemons
    Marjorie Polycarpe
    Dag and Elizabeth Pontvik
    David and Ann Pope
    Joe and Cllaudia Porter
    Herb and Mary Anne Poulson
    Floyd and Norma Powell
    Stephen Powers
    Sylvia Powers
    Sharon Powers
    Carlos Preza
    Jack and Lucy Price
    Jean Price
    Andrew and Laurel Prizigley
    Eddie and Diane Proffitt
    Lenora Pudleiner
    Jim and Katherine Quick
    John and Geovanny Ragsdale
    Larry and Vicki Rahn
    Dennis Randolph
    Linda Randolph
    Robby Raney
    Len Raney
    Rob and Carol Raney
    Tam Tam Rasmussen-Cantrell
    Richard and Beverly Rawson
    Keith Reas
    Don and Martha Rebman
    Brenda Reed
    Judy Reeve
    Sarah Reeves
    Nelda Reid
    William and Judith Reighter
    Dorothy Remington
    Martha Rentfro
    Gordon and Cheryl Retzer
    Teri Reutebuch
    Michael Revenig
    Edwin and Connie Reynolds
    Paul Reynolds
    Harold and Arlene Reynolds
    Michael and Mary Reynolds
    Josh Rhodes
    Harry Rhodes
    Leah Rhys
    Richard Rice
    Bill and Evonne Richards
    Kerri Richardson
    Rick Richert
    Art and Joyce Richert
    Matt Ries
    Iris Rilea
    Don and Cindy Rima
    Ben and Carol Ringer
    Deloris Rissling
    Anne Rittenberry
    Sharon Robberson
    Earl Robertson
    Kent and Wendy Robertson
    Bill and Della Robertson
    Fairra Roddy
    Denise Rodgers
    Bob and Cindy Rodgers
    Oscar Rodriguez
    Christopher and Anne Rollins
    Danny and Kimberly Roth
    William Royer
    Adrienne Royo
    Donna Ruckgaber
    Stephen and Jodi Ruf
    Rolland and Barbara Ruf
    Greg and Shirley Rumsey
    Michael and Cari Rumsey
    Elliott Rush
    David and Marilyn Russell
    Cornel Rusu
    John and Virginia Ryals
    Kevin Sadler
    Oscar and Patricia Salazar
    Philip and Sherilyn Samaan
    Kelly Sanchez
    Dan and Kathy Sanderford
    Karolyn Sartin
    Gary Sartin
    Greg and Vinita Sauder
    Nick and Autumn Sauder
    Lynn and Helen Sauls
    Dean and Ruth Saunders
    Patricia Schaeffer
    Bruce Schilling
    Ted and Elietha Schlueter
    CarolAnn Schneider
    Tim Schoap
    Eric and Sherri Schoonard
    Richard and Hilda Schults
    Rick Schwarz
    Trenton and Leslie Ann Schwarzer
    Richard and Charlene Scott
    Merry Scott
    Geraldine Scott
    Jeff and Joylynn Scott
    Rhonda Scott
    Paul and Marge Seifert
    Marlon and Vanessa Seifert
    Don Self
    Lawrence and Connie Serl
    Douglas and Michelle Seth
    Ron and Cuy Shaffer
    Noel and Patricia Shanko
    Simon and Florence Shanko
    Harry and Lori Sharley
    Terry and Paula Shaw
    Sandy Shaw
    Renee Shearer
    James Shearouse
    Mildred Sheffield
    Derek and Traci Sherbondy
    Steve Sherman
    Robert Sherrod
    David and Sondra Shields
    Jason and Janelle Shives
    Gary and Bernetta Shockley
    Ted and Christy Showalter
    Ellen Simak
    G. B. and Olivia Sisson
    Ingrid Skantz
    Chip and Normalou Slauenwhite
    Charles and Kim Sligh
    Judy Sloan
    Ann Smeltzer
    Leon Smith
    Frederick and Carolyn Smith
    Alfred Smith
    Donald and Ida Smith
    Sheila Smith
    Jack and Rosa Smith
    Bo and Tina Smith
    Dave and Cherie Smith
    David and Carol Smucker
    Burt and Susie Snider
    Steve and Carol Snow
    Keith and Beth Snyder
    Nancy Soapes
    Cynthia Sokolies
    Larry and Pia Soule
    Steve and Marilyn Sowder
    Robert and Linda Spady
    Marlene Spady
    Kenneth Spears
    Mildred Spears
    Lee and Lucinda Spencer
    Scott Spicer
    Joyce Stanbery
    Rob and Laura Standish
    Laurie Stankavich
    Robert Stanley
    Dennis and Tami Starkey
    Wayne and Verlyne Starr
    Mary Stauffer
    Dennis and Libby Steele
    David and Lynn Steen
    Bruce and Jeanette Stepanske
    Michael and Kayon Stephens
    Adolph Sterken
    Star Stevens
    Stanley and René Stevenson
    Jennine Stewart
    Chloe Stewart
    Ron and Eva Stob
    Susan Stoica
    Jeremy and Nicole Stoner
    Phil and Mary Jane Stover
    Frank and Debbie Strack
    Brian Strayer
    Michael and Ruth Strefling
    Amber Strother
    Wilfred and Florence Stuyvesant
    Desi and Pam Suarez
    Elizabeth Sugita
    Bettie Sumner
    Pete and Mary Sundin
    Jennie Sutton
    Carl and Beverly Swafford
    Ward and Julia Swarner
    Carol Swayze
    Elaine Sweetser
    Cody and Janell Tachenko
    Reid and Ardith Tait
    Lynn Tavener
    Rob and Jennifer Taylor
    Marvin and Sharon Taylor
    Wesley and Miriam Taylor
    Angie Teague
    Martha Thatcher
    Joseph and Lucy Thatcher
    Ted and Brenda Theus
    Mitchell and Nancy Thiel
    Phyllis Thomas
    Winifred Thomas
    Robert and Shereen Thomas
    T. J. and Kathy Thompson
    Robert and Brienna Thompson
    John Thompson
    Lori Thompson
    Dennis Thompson
    Marvin and Lisa Thorman
    Ben and Belinda Thornton
    Doug and Lorraine Tilstra
    Catherine Titus
    Joel and Peggy Tompkins
    Diana Tope
    T. L. Trimble
    John and Margaret Trimpey
    Tim and Selena Trott
    Geraldine Trout
    Barry and Lilly Tryon
    Bill and Jackie Tucker
    Jim and Deborah Tucker
    Carol Tuggle
    Marianne Tulis
    Doug Tullock
    Daniel and Shelly Turkenkopf
    David and Mary Anne Turner
    Mel and Mary Twiest
    Esther Tyler
    Brittany Underwood
    Emily Vail
    Maria Valenca
    Bill and Sara Van Grit
    Thomas and Sandra Van Horn
    Don and Barbara Van Ornam
    Willem Van Werkhoven
    Minnie Vance
    Evie Vandevere
    Lana Vandivier
    Robert and Wanda VanRaden
    Jon Terry and Anne Veazey
    Tom and Carole Verrill
    Alex and Soni Vigh
    Ron and Cecilia Vincent
    Timothy and Karen Viser
    Greg Vital
    Rita Vital
    Carlton and Debbie Vollberg
    Don Vollmer
    Chan and Rosalie von Henner
    Louis and Audrey Voskuil
    Jim and Faye Vye
    Mildred Wade
    Jack and Yolanda Wagner
    R. L. and Beverly Walden
    Arleen Walker
    Walter Walter
    Chad and Paula Walters
    Dale and Lezlee Walters
    Jim and Sandra Wampler
    Bill and Betty Wampler
    Daphne Ward
    James Ward
    Paul Ware
    Jessica Warr
    Ariel Warren
    Tom and Donna Watson
    Robert and Jeanie Weaver
    Lawrence and Theresa Weber
    George Webster
    Leon and Debbie Weeks
    Archie Weemes
    Kyle and Ellie Weems
    Dorothy Weiand
    Brian Weigand
    Odie and Carolyn Weir
    Edward Weldon
    Elaine Wessels
    Joan Western
    Clayton Westfall
    Ron and Pauline Westman
    Todd Wever
    Lenard and Joy Whaley
    Philip and Lennita Whary
    Charles and Jewel Whidden
    Phil and Ellen Whitaker
    Ferd and Agnes White
    Steve White
    Melody White
    Kingsley and Nancy Whitsett
    Roger and Ruth Wiehn
    John and Cecelia Wigal
    Kimberly Wilbur
    June Wilcox
    Karen Wilcox
    Tron and Kristie Wilder
    Gaetane Wilder
    James Wilgus
    Charles and Bonnie Wilkens
    Darryl and Laura Wilkens
    Todd and Marsharee Wilkens
    Rick Wilkin
    Donald and Patricia Wilkinson
    Kenny and Allison Willes
    Bert Williams
    Lori Williams
    Josie Williams
    Eleonore Williams
    Bernard and Ruth Williams-Morris
    Darryl and Jill Wills
    Bill and Beverly Wilson
    Don and Elizabeth Wilson
    Brian and Anita Wilson
    Merlin and Jan Wittenberg
    Philip and Mindi Wiygul
    Bill and Rita Wohlers
    Arthur and Judith Wojta
    Dan and Cynthia Wolcott
    Donald and Joelle Wolf
    Robert Wolfe
    Bill and Janet Wood
    John Woodall
    Linda Woodall
    David and Elizabeth Woodard
    Dan and Julie Woodruff
    Roger and Krista Woodruff
    Chet and Carol Woods
    Robert and Carolyn Woods
    John and Ann Woody
    Frederick Woolley
    Ed and Marilyn Wright
    Michael and Dollis Wright
    Patricia Wright
    Kathy Wright
    Carla Wyatt
    William and Gina Wyatt
    Mike Wyckoff
    Donald and Joyce Wyckoff
    Ben and Reika Wygal
    William Wynot
    R. M. and Susan Yankee
    Mona Yeary
    Martin and Cindi Young
    Richard and Phyllis Young
    Bob Young
    Sonia Young
    John Youngberg
    Charles and Jeri Zacharias
    E. A. and H. M. Zambrano
    Newt and Joy Lynn Zanes
    Joshua Zarandona
    Alta Zdun
    Bob and Ellen Zervos Brown
    David and Heidi Zinke
    Doug and Christy Zinke