Inspiration and

Professors that do more than just teach.

Professors encourage students early on in their time at Southern to begin pursuing their dreams. Through a combination of personal experience and professional resources, the faculty on campus do everything possible to help students not only realize their goals, but achieve them while they are still in school.

Nursing Class

Active Inside and Outside the Classroom

Professors at Southern enjoy interacting with students beyond class times and scheduled office hours. Looking around the university, it is not uncommon to see faculty and staff eating, exercising, and even engaging in intramural sports with students. The professors' goal is not just to strengthen students' academic work, but to have a lasting impact an their social and spiritual growth as well.

andy nash giving counsel

Part of a Family

Feeling homesick can be a challenge for students. That’s why our faculty and staff go the extra mile to make sure everyone who comes to campus feels like part of the university family. From preparing holiday meals for students, to inviting them to their own homes for evening worship, employees at Southern do everything in their power to let students know they are welcomed and loved.

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