Friendships that
Never Fade

Create connections that begin on campus
and last for a lifetime.

Making new friends is not always easy, and keeping them can sometimes be even harder. At Southern, the bonds students form with one another have proven time and again to last throughout college and beyond. Whether it be the roommate you met as a freshman, or a classmate you had lunch with on your last day, students will find people that they still talk to even years after they graduate.

Friends singing

Cultural Melting Pot

Southern brings people together from all over the world. International students travel to the university to learn about American culture while teaching others about their own. Bonds are formed and friendships are made that stand the test of time and distance.

Friends sitting on lawn

Networking for Tomorrow

It's never too early to start building relationships with other business professionals. Southern not only gives students the opportunity to connect with current expertise in the business industry today, but also helps them build relationships with their fellow classmates, the business leaders of tomorrow.


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