Leadership Opportunities

Accomplish things you never thought you could!

It is easy for students at Southern to find opportunities to lead out in campus-wide events. The Campus Ministries team is made up of students who are dedicated to reaching the spiritual needs of the greater student body through both small and large university events. With a strong passion for God, and mentoring from a staff sponsor, any student at Southern can experience what it is like to be a spiritual leader.

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A Life of Service

Students at Southern have multiple opportunities to gain valuable life experience through numerous outreach projects. Nearly 20 student-led volunteer groups provide food and companionship to the less fortunate in the greater Chattanooga area every week. These students not only learn about themselves, but also of what God is capable of doing through them.

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Witnessing Overseas

Sometimes students at Southern want to take a break from their studies so that they can get out and spread God's word to the world today. The student missionary program provides exactly that chance. Those who enroll in the program are trained and sent out across the globe for an opportunity to share God's love while living through an experience that will change their lives forever.

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