Can I paint your face?

Volunteer and her new friend, both with face paint 

Juliana left for her MLK day service project on Monday morning just like the hundreds of other volunteers. But when she came back, Juliana had a new look and a great story to go with it.

Which service project did you go on?

We went to play with kids! The area had houses around and there was a playground. We had breakfast for the kids, hot chocolate and muffins. Once the kids started coming we were playing with them. We had different activities, and one of them was to paint a piece of paper.

I was helping one of the girls paint. Then she said “hey can I ask you a something?” I said yeah, sure! “Can I paint your face?” Aaaaaaahhhh sure! At first I thought she was going to paint a little part or whatever, but then she started painting my entire face. And then she was like “you know what, I don’t like it,” so she started over!

She washed it off and did it again?

Yeah! The first one was not as bad as this one. And when she was done with this part, there was another girl and they started fighting because one wanted to do pink and the other blue. So I said you’re going to do half of my face and you’re going to do the other half. That’s why half of my face is blue and the other is red.

Did you have other activities?

We were all playing other games, but when they saw my face other kids started asking everyone “hey can I paint your face?”

So you started it all?

Yeah I did! It was my fault. Everyone was playing outside, but when they saw some of us had painted our faces, they all started. Most of the adults got their faces painted too.

Had you done this project before?

No, it was my first time there. I decided to go because I like kids! I really enjoy my time with kids. I would do it again.

What was the best part for you?

I would say it was the girl who painted my face. At the beginning, she was super quiet and serious. She wouldn’t talk to me. I would ask if she wanted to do something and it was all “no no no no.”

So I thought ok, my goal is to make her smile. I went and made hot chocolate for her, and she didn’t want to drink it. I thought ugh what’s going on? Everyone likes hot chocolate! But then when she started painting my face, she started laughing. I think it was really good to see how she changed from a really sad and mad face to a really happy face. That was the best part.

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