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We believe a private, Christian education should be an option for everyone.

Endowed scholarships – and the hope that they bring – have made it financially possible for thousands of students to graduate from Southern. There remains a pressing demand; more than ever students need financial assistance to enroll and stay in school. Here’s what one business administration senior said in a letter of appreciation to an endowmment donor:

“God has blessed you with the ability to give, so that students like me can have this opportunity. Each donation creates a domino effect and one day soon I, too, will be able to help another student. Thank you for this scholarship!”

In addition to direct financial scholarships, endowment funds also help create jobs that make enrolling at Southern a more affordable reality for those with financial need. By endowing worthy student work scholarships, you can provide a gift that not only makes college feasible, but also teaches a valuable work ethic.

Earnings from endowment monies keep giving year after year so in perpetuity that funds never run dry and scholarships continue to be awarded. By opening the door to more and more students, you will be a part of transforming tomorrow. In addition to endowed scholarships, others have endowed academic chairs, lectures, and awards which bring about budget relief that can be redistributed toward non-endowed scholarships.

“As a student paying my own way through school, endowments were a huge blessing. If it wasn’t for these scholarships and funds, I wouldn’t have been able to attend here. It is amazing to know there are alumni who cared enough to help me even though they have no idea who I am.” – Kristen Wood, Nursing, '15

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We believe a private, Christian education should be an option for everyone. Endowments create perpetual funding for faculty research, programs, and scholarships.




Annual Giving

We believe annual giving to Southern is important. These gifts keep tuition lower than the university's actual per-student expenses, strengthen the Southern Experience, and provide scholarships needed for worthy students. Below is the progress for this year.




Student Life Center

We have all of the $13 million available to build the Bietz Center for Student Life! We will continue to offer naming opportunities for those areas not already designated.




Academic Growth

We believe in discovery. Increasing academic spaces will consolidate disconnected classrooms, work spaces, and faculty offices to create more areas for brainstorming, learning, and creating.




Campus Life

We believe by living together and studying together, students are immersed in opportunities that encourage transformation on a campus that displays the beauty of nature.



We value our donors and Southern community, keeping you updated on the campaign is important as we share our visions.

Southern grows $1 M donors

Franklin Fa., Chris McKee, AHS (Terry Shaw) Endowment, Anny


Bauxite trail

Land donation to expand green spaces.


AHS Endowment

$2 M gift to endow chair in 5BM