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campus life

We believe by learning and living together students are immersed in opportunities that encourage transformation.

The Campus Life component of the Campaign for Excellence in Faith and Learning includes efforts for residence hall renovations, Wright Hall updates, and the increased greening of campus.

Research shows that outcomes in a variety of academic areas are significantly increased for students living in campus housing. For example, they graduate at a 20 percent higher rate (and with a better GPA) than their counterparts!

The campaign is renovating rooms in both the men’s and women’s residence halls to ensure that students have the optimum Southern Experience.

Wright Hall is undergoing updates for the Dining Hall, kitchen, and elevator, as well as receiving new bathrooms on the Dining Hall level. These improvements will benefit not only our students, but also the many alumni and community members who join us for banquets and other events in this iconic building.

Southern now boasts 37 miles of hiking and biking trails, approximately a dozen of which have been added through the campaign’s efforts to further green the campus and highlight God’s handiwork here in Collegedale.

One trail in particular, the Sabbath Trail, connects the dots between creation and the Creator.

Metal and stone markers guide walkers through the history of Sabbath, from the beginning of time until the New Earth, while asking thought-provoking questions about life’s hectic pace and whether or not we’ve become slaves to our schedules.

Community—whether found in a dorm room, around a Dining Hall table, or on a walk through the woods with a friend—is central to the Southern Experience and a critical component of campus life.

Other Causes




We believe a private, Christian education should be an option for everyone. Endowments create perpetual funding for faculty research, programs, and scholarships.




Annual Giving

We believe annual giving to Southern is important. These gifts keep tuition lower than the university's actual per-student expenses, strengthen the Southern Experience, and provide scholarships needed for worthy students. Below is the progress for this year.




Student Life Center

We have all of the $13 million available to build the Bietz Center for Student Life! We will continue to offer naming opportunities for those areas not already designated.




Academic Growth

We believe in discovery. Increasing academic spaces will consolidate disconnected classrooms, work spaces, and faculty offices to create more areas for brainstorming, learning, and creating.




Campus Life

We believe by living together and studying together, students are immersed in opportunities that encourage transformation on a campus that displays the beauty of nature.



We value our donors and Southern community, keeping you updated on the campaign is important as we share our visions.

Southern grows $1 M donors

Franklin Fa., Chris McKee, AHS (Terry Shaw) Endowment, Anny


Bauxite trail

Land donation to expand green spaces.


AHS Endowment

$2 M gift to endow chair in 5BM