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Bachelor of Social Work graduates are prepared to work effectively with individuals, families, small groups, communities, and organizations in a variety of settings. Graduates are employed in public and private settings. They provide both direct and indirect services to individuals, families, and groups, and are often involved in organizational planning and management. Some of the settings in which they may be employed include:


   advocacy programs    homeless shelters 
   aging services    hospices
   children and youth services    hospitals/clinics
   child and adult day care centers    legal services agencies
   churches    mental health services
   community action agencies    neighborhood coalition programs
   community crisis centers    nursing homes
   correctional facilities    public health agencies
   criminal justice agencies    residential treatment programs
   disabilities    schools
   domestic violence programs    substance abuse programs
   employee assistance programs    training/vocational centers 
   head start programs    vocational rehabilitation
   home care agencies    voluntary associations


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