University Senate

The Senate is to bring into close working relationship spokespersons representing the major interest segments of the University Assembly along with a representative of the Student Association. It is also charged with promoting and encouraging an intelligent understanding of the challenges of the university; fostering a spirit of mutual esteem and cooperation among individuals and schools/departments; and ensuring the university is a competent, progressive, and vital force in the development of mature Christian men and women.

University Senate Membership

Lorraine Ball: Chair
Tyson Hall: Chair-Elect
Lisa Diller: Past Chair

District 1:

Laura Racovita-Szilagyi (17)
Cindy Johnson (16)
TBD (16)

District 2:

Kris Erskine (17)
Ken Parsons (17)
Laurie Stankavich (16)

District 3:

Keith Snyder (17)
Robert Ordonez (17)
Loren Barnhurst (16), Parliamentarian

District 4:

Elaine Plemons (17)
Deyse Bravo (16)
Stephen Ruf (16)

District 5:

Bonnie Eder (17)
John McCoy (17)
Mike Boyd (16)

District 6:

Susan Pennington (17)
Fred Turner (17)
Kimberly Miller (16)
Josh Rhodes (16)
Robert Bovell (16)
Gary Sewell (16)

Ex Officio:

David Smith
Bob Young
Tom Verrill
Dennis Negron
Andrew Ashley

5 Appointed members:

Lorraine Ball – chair
Lisa Diller – past chair
Kathy Goddard – at large, secretary (2013)
Eric Schoonard – at large (2013)
John Youngberg – at large (2014)

10 Senate Members (Term ending 2015)

Lorraine Ball
Jaclyn Huse
Linda Crumley
Kathy Goddard
Michael Liedke
David Olson
Amanda Jehle
Jodi Ruf
Samson Chama
Adam Heck

10 Senate Members (Term ending 2016)

Melissa Tortal
John Nixon
Ray Carson
Lisa Diller
Adrienne Royo
Tina Smith
Randi Buhl
Cheryl Des Jarlais
Richard Halterman
Bonnie Freeland