Institute of Ethical Leadership

Creating Leaders of Integrity

The Institute of Ethical Leadership aims to develop and support leaders through education and experience to foster ethical environments in the global marketplace.

"Everywhere we turn today, there are signs of ethical deterioration. In business, bright young people have made immoral millions by using insider trading information. In government, hardly a day goes by without some public official being involved in an ethical dilemma on Capitol Hill. In education, cheating scandals among students and under-the-table  payments to college athletes by alumni have been commonplace. Obviously, all these people, many of them supposedly outstanding citizens, believed that they had to cheat to win. They, along with many others, believe that nice guys finish last. We, however, disagree."

–The Power of Ethical Management, Kenneth Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale

The Role of the Institute

  • The Institute provides leadership and team development opportunities that foster vision, values, competence, innovation, commitment to service, and professional excellence.
  • The Institute develops leaders who understand the concept of holistic management.
  • The Institute supports the development of entrepreneurial enterprises.
  • The Institute facilitates business research.

Action Areas