School of Business

Our mission is to develop Christ-centered business leaders and followers who integrate knowledge, application,  and ethics with high moral values and emotional intelligence. We are dedicated to the integration of faith and learning into the classroom. Our programs are globally focused, providing students with a sense of worldwide concerns. We provide our students with the tools and skills to make a difference in their communities and workplace.

 Why Business?

The skills developed in a business degree are highly-transferrable among and within multiple industries.
The diversity and plenitude of careers with a business degree underlies the subject’s appeal for many students. 
Business schools excel at teaching students non-textbook skills such as the so-called ‘soft skills,’ which allows students to develop a wholistic entrepreneurial mindset.

The Southern Advantage

We strive to train Christ-centered leaders who are globally focused while caring.
Business graduates score above national and state averages for certification on senior exit exams plus professional certifications.
International study tours are offered each summer. Trips alternate between China and Europe.

Distinguished Speakers

CEOs, CFOs, VPs, authors, COOs, directors, lawyers, MDs, founders, partners and more. Some speakers come for a specific class while others are part of our 
E.A. Anderson Lecture Series.  


Alumni have serve as investors, land developers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, MDs, marketers, and managers.
Achieved Recognition as: certified public accountants, certified financial planners, certified professional marketers, and more.
Additionally, some alumni serve overseas in various capacities.

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