Recreation Activities

During the hours between a full day of classroom activities and nightly curfew, Southern staff supervise a variety of recreation opportunities for academic summer camp students. Appropriate waiver forms are integrated within the registration process. For more information, please contact us.

Monday, June 17

Boat RaceAfter dinner, our overnight campers will head to the gym for the famous Cardboard Boat Race! Students are grouped into teams and have one hour (and one roll of duck tape) to craft a water-worthy vessel out of cardboard boxes before we take to the pools. Prizes are awarded for fastest lap and most laps completed. Southern students have been testing their creativity and engineering skills via this competition for more than a decade. It's time to let the high school students show us how it's done!

Tuesday, June 18

ChattanoogaWe'll pack up the buses and head to Chattanooga for an evening of exploration downtown at Coolidge Park  and adjoining riverfront areas. A stroll on Walnut Street Bridge, the world's longest pedestrian bridge, is enough to work up an appetite for some post-dinner ice cream. Throwing frisbees, playing in fountains, and exploring friendships are the only homework assignments our campers have!