Chem Club

Chemistry Club is an organization of chemistry majors and other interested students associated with the chemistry department. Yearly activities include departmental assemblies, Friday evening vespers, parties, and other opportunities to socialize together. Olivia Londis is the Chemistry Club President.

OFFICERS 2017-18

President - Jonathan Mancao
Vice President - Christopher Celis 
Secretary - 
Treasurer - Sarah Lim
Pastor - 
Sgt. at Arms - 
Public Relations - Alyson Lee 


February 24

  • Chemistry Club Community Service Event - Puzzles 
  • Location: Dr. Schilling's House 
  • Time: Coming soon 
  • Sign up in the Chemistry Office, Hickman room 3303, if you plan on attending. Feel free to bring friends that can help!

April 1

  • Chemistry Club Vespers
  • Location: Dr. Schilling's House
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.