Outdoor Education Degree

This program is designed for classroom teachers, outdoor professionals, youth workers, or anyone who wants to more effectively use God’s book of nature in teaching and outdoor programming.

Generally, the classes and field experiences involve examining, evaluating, developing, and implementing outdoor education programs. Activities such as canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, and rock climbing are included as part of many of the courses, but they are not the primary focus. Students can complete their coursework in three to four semesters and may choose from two attendance options. All students are required to complete an internship or practicum as part of their master’s degree coursework.

Below you will find a brief outline of the classes you are required to take and the classes you can chose from. Having the flexibility to choose classes could prove beneficial to the student who wishes to customize their degree. For more information on how this degree can benefit you in a number of careers, see How Can I Use This Degree?

These are the REQUIRED courses:

    • EDOE 503 - Principles and Concepts of Outdoor Education 2 hours
    • EDOE 504 - Field Experience in Principles and Concepts of Outdoor Education 1 hour
    • EDOE 515 - Nature Study Skills 3 hours
    • EDOE 516 - Field Experience in Nature Study 1-3 hours (3 hours required)
    • EDOE 543 - Environmental Ministries 2 hours
    • EDOE 593 - Adventure-Based Counseling 2 hours
    • EDUC 591 - Methods of Educational Research 3 hours
    • EDOE 576 - Outdoor Intensive Lab-Fall 0 hours
        OR EDOE 577 - Outdoor Intensive Lab-Winter 0 hours
      • OR EDOE 578 - Outdoor Intensive Lab-Summer 0 hours

You will need to SELECT six (6) hours from these courses:

      • EDOE 523 - Leadership in Outdoor Education 2 hours
      • EDOE 524 - Field Experience in Leadership in Outdoor Education 1 hour
      • EDOE 533 - Developing Outdoor Teaching Sites 2 hours
      • EDOE 534 - Field Experience in Developing Outdoor Teaching Sites 1 hour
      • EDOE 535 - Outdoor Therapy: Design and Procedures 2 hours
      • EDOE 536 - Field Experience in Outdoor Therapy 1 hour
      • EDOE 570 - Non-Profit Environmental Organization Development & Management 3 hours

You will need ELECTIVES as well:

      • Select a minimum of nine (12) hours from any Master's-level Business, Counseling, or Education courses (must have pre-approval of Outdoor Education adviser).
      • Six (6) hours must be EDOE courses.

 For program completion, a student must either submit and receive approval on a professional portfolio containing specific evidence as directed by the guidelines provided, or complete a thesis and successfully defend it as required by EDUC 598.

Visit the graduate catalog for more in depth information and a course sequence example.