Career Minors

Choosing a minor can be a difficult decision. There are a wide variety of minors that complement an English major, providing an element of specialization for your analytical and communication skills.


English majors have a distinct advantage in the fields of science and medicine. Their ability to communicate effectively enables them to simplify complicated terminology, an important skill when treating patients or writing journal articles. Pre-med English majors also score very well on the MCAT.


Southern offers several minors related to business that will help English majors prepare to enter the business world. Minors in business administration, entrepreneurial management, management, marketing, and human resources give students the framework necessary to apply their skills in a corporate environment.

Graphic Design

A minor in graphic design gives English majors an excellent skill set. Publishing firms, both in print and on the Internet, welcome writers who can think aesthetically in words and in design. The ability to see a publication through from its conceptual beginning, its written realization, and its final representation in print is highly sought-after.


Combining an English major and history minor is excellent preparation for a law or other graduate degree, as well as teaching. Studying history gives greater context to literature and literary trends.


Former English majors have found that a BA in English is excellent preparation for a career in journalism. However, a minor in journalism can give students a head start in learning the specific styles of writing in the field. The opportunity to work on Southern's student paper, The Southern Accent, also gives English majors firsthand experience working in a news setting.

Public Relations

A public relations minor prepares students to be the voice of a business or corporation. PR specialists need the effective writing and speaking skills of an English major. The PR minor teaches students how to apply those skills to the needs of a business, like writing press releases, advertisements, and even whole magazines.

Meet the Firms

Every semester upper-division English majors are invited to Meet the Firms, an event in which representatives from local corporations come to talk with and recruit students. Those conversations often lead to internships–job training for academic credit–during which a student and an employer can explore possibilities for permanent employment.