The first three biology presentations explain the concept of irreducible complexity and give several examples of irreducibly complex molecular machines found in living things.

Irreducible Complexity
Molecular Machines: Cilia and Flagella
Molecular Machines: ATP Synthase

Because of the important role they are supposed to play in the process of evolution, it is important to understand mutations. But first, a review is provided to clarify the difference between DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes.

DNA, Chromosomes, and Genes
Mutations Part 1
Mutations Part 2

Many people throughout history, including Charles Darwin, have been concerned about the apparent discrepancy between a loving God and the suffering we see in the world around us. This three-part series tackles this question using dramatic examples of parasites found in nature.

Parasitism & Theodicy Part 1
Parasitism & Theodicy Part 2
Parasitism & Theodicy Part 3 - Finding Meaning in Suffering

This presentation is designed to help teachers using the ByDesign textbook (Grade 8, lesson 3) with the Explore-a-Lab on page 42.