Science, Worldview, and the Bible

The scientific process is an extremely powerful tool! In the resources below, learn about this process, some of its limitations, and how it is affected by each scientist’s worldview. Explore the relationship of science and Scripture and some interesting evidence for the reliability of the Bible. Learn how to evaluate scientific data from a biblical perspective and how to deal with unanswered questions. Understand why the biblical stories of Creation and the Flood are so important and how scientific data can be interpreted in ways that are consistent with what the Bible teaches.

The Scientific Process and Worldview

Video 1--Data, Interpretation, and the Scientific Process
Video 2--Science: Not as Simple as You Might Think
Video 3--Worldview and Science: What You Believe Makes a Difference
Video 4--Science and the Bible
Men of Science Men of God
Our Exploration of the Universe -- A Story
Three-Step Conflict Resolution--How to Resolve Apparent Conflicts Between Science and Religion

The Reliability of the Bible

Uniqueness of the Bible
Claims the Bible Makes About Itself
Accurate Transmission
Historical Reliability
Historical Reliability—Chronology of the Hebrew Kings

The Importance of Creation and the Flood

Importance of Creation to SDA Beliefs & the Implications of Theistic Evolution
Importance of the Worldwide Flood