59th General Conference Session

The Seventh-day Adventist General Conference Session is held every five years. It is the forum for electing world church officers and voting changes to the church's constitution. The Georgia World Congress Center is housing commercial and promotional exhibits, providing an opportunity for an expected 70,000 visitors to see what church organizations and individuals are doing in the context of the Church's mission.

Southern's Exhibit Concepts

When the initial planning of Southern’s exhibit for the General Conference Session began in 2007, we decided to showcase features on campus that our faculty and students are passionate about and that attract visitors. The Lynn H. Wood Archaeology Museum was one obvious choice.

creation kioskOrigins kiosk at Southern's exhibit

At the same time, the Biology Department had been developing an idea for a institute to help address origins issues. Qualified faculty members had been recruited as the first step. The second step was under way to construct a museum-like exhibit in the hallways of Hickman Science Center. With Southern Adventist University’s history of an interdisciplinary commitment to the faith and science bridge, the GC Session committee felt this was another obvious choice.

Meanwhile, the institute concept is progressing. The hallway exhibit, opened in April 2012, is a step toward developing a resource for Seventh-day Adventist Church educators, pastors, and constituents. 

creation kiosk

The Origins Papers

Five brochures addressing some of the complex questions about origins were produced for Southern's exhibit. Written with the nonscientist in mind, they offer an understanding from a short-term creation worldview.

origins 1Creation or Evolution
Does It Matter What I Believe?
Download (PDF)

origins 2Evolution and Prophecy
What Happened in 1844?
Download (PDF)

origins 3Evolution
Is It Really about Science?
Download (PDF)

origins 4Fossils in the Earth
Do They Prove Evolution or Point to a Flood?
Download (PDF)

origins 5Dinosaurs
Could God Have Created Such Beasts?
Download (PDF)