Internships offer students workplace experience, exposure to interesting careers, and opportunities for networking with individuals who can facilitate future job searches. Internships may be done for college credit (charged the regular rate of tuition), or one may forgo credit. A political science minor requires at least nine hours of internship with a governmental entity at the federal, state, or local level, or with an approved nongovernmental organization. Students with an interest in law may wish to intern for a public defender or private attorney.

Internships require maturity and a sound work ethic. Normally, organizations want interns to have completed at least two years of college. Students typically participate in internships during the summer after the sophomore or junior years. However, students desiring a longer experience can devote an entire fall or spring semester to an internship. 

The ability to seek out an internship represents the sort of initiative that lends confidence to departmental recommendation of a student. Thus, the department does not place students in internships and reserves the right to withhold its recommendation to a student it feels unsuited to a particular placement.