The History and Political Studies Department offers a political economy minor specifically tailored for pre-law students. This interdisciplinary minor draws courses from English, business, and history which offer the kinds of intellectual skills important for success in law school. 

Southern has a strong record of preparing students for law school. Our graduates are accepted into many of the nation's finest law schools, including state universities around the country and many private universities, such as Duke, Georgetown, Emory, Washington and Lee, Vanderbilt, Penn, and Stetson.

Admission to law school requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited college. But no specific major nor even any particular classes are stipulated. Instead, a prospective law student is expected to ready him or herself with a rigorous curriculum. This should include strong preparation in writing, in analytical thinking, in critical thinking, and in research. The most popular pre-law majors at Southern are history, business, and English, although students from virtually every major on campus have gone on to study law.

For more information about Southern's pre-law program, contact Lisa Clark Diller or Mark Hyder.

For more information about careers in law, choosing a law school, and the LSAT, visit the Law School Admission Council website.