International Development Studies

Are you the kind of student who is interested in other cultures, traveling, languages, law, politics and/or local government policies and how they impact both local communities and international relations?  You’ve wanted to translate those passions into a career but have no idea what sort of career you could pursue?  The International Development Studies (IDS) degree combines all of these passions into one degree and makes you marketable in a wide spectrum of employment markets. 

What is the mission?

The IDS program will provide you with a greater understanding of the politics of the global arena and enable you to develop practical skills to serve intelligently and with cultural sensitivity, fostering the compassion of Jesus in a world of desperate need. This degree will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to make lasting change in the world.

What will I be studying?

You will learn about human rights, sustainable agriculture, international policies and laws, cultural conflict, world development challenges, global health, business skills, political science, and world missions. You will learn about the challenges that exist today in these areas, but you will also learn practical solutions.

What can I do with this degree?

There are many opportunities!  This degree will prepare you for a careers in:

  • Government and the Foreign Service
  • The non-profit sector
  • International relations
  • International development
  • Business
  • Public policy
  • Church work and missions

The IDS curriculum is also a great pathway to graduate programs in law, political science, foreign service, civil service, public health, international relations, international development, sustainable agriculture, medicine, public policy, and advocacy.  Check out our Careers page for some in-depth reading and career links.

The Curriculum

Click here for a PDF of the required classes.

Would you like more information?

Contact: Shannon Martin, Associate Professor of History and Political Studies
Phone: 423-362-2744
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