School of Journalism and Communication

What Would You Do?

Communication students are often faced with questions about their career paths or about job availability after they graduate. Below are two examples of where our recent graduates have gone. The communication field is practically limitless in variety and opportunity.

Over 80% of SJC 2016 graduates landed a job in the communication field within their first year post-graduation.

Shaina Rantung, a Public Relations major who graduated in 2017, now works at Q Strategies, a Chattanooga PR agency, as an assistant account executive. Here's what she's up to. Video produced by Herman Wilhelm.

Myron Madden, a journalism major who graduated in 2016, now works at the Chattanooga Times Free Press as a news reporter. He covers stories about community news. Here we learn about how he's doing post-graduation. Video by Sheann Brandon.

Myron Madden, News Reporter from SAU Journalism/Communication on Vimeo

Logan Foll, one of our 2014 graduates, was profiled in this "person at work" assignment in our Advanced Field Production class. Logan uses his photography skills as a public relations specialist for the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau. Video by Jason Frias.

Logan Foll, Public Relations Specialist from SAU Journalism/Communication on Vimeo.
In November 2017, Logan moved to Arizona to advance his career. 

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