“it’s quite fun to do the impossible.” Walt Disney

B.S.Mass Communication

This is home-base for all the creators and hands-on communicators. The Mass Comm degree is based on a broad core of communication classes supplemented with technical skills classes. The perfect balance of these two areas, plus a strong concentration in a communication specialty, will prepare you to excel as a content creator for various types of businesses, such as broadcast networks, large corporations, nonprofit organizations or entrepreneurship.

We have four emphases in Mass Communication to help develop your communication skills based on your area of interest. All programs share the same core. So, if you are not sure yet which one is your favorite, that’s not a problem. You can pick the one that is more appealing to you at this point. And after trying the introductory classes, you can assess your options based on your experience.

After completing this amazing program and developing great production skills, you will be capable of working in different communication and media positions, such as:

  • Content Creator
  • Audio/Video Producer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Technical Writer
  • Communication Specialist
  • Media Manager

If you are a “doer” and love to create content either in pictures, text, audio or video, this might be the right program for you.

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Advertising Emphasis See Academic Plan
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Advertising Broadcast Journalism Communication Studies Intercultural Communication Studies
Journalism Publishing Media Production Photography Public Relations
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