Welcome to the SJC Photo Studio

 This is a creative space. Respect the gear and the people, and you will do well here.

 The studio is primarily for students currently enrolled in SJC classes who need to shoot assignments. SJC students are encouraged to reserve studio time by requesting a reservation with the photolab assistant on duty, SJC office manager Arlene Leavitt, or Professors Fernandez or Ruf. If you are a non-SJC student, secure permission and reserve time from the SJC office manager.  

 Non-SJC studio users may be bumped at any time to give preference for SJC shooters working on deadline. If, by chance, your photo shoot falls through, please notify an SJC reservation agent so the time can be made available again.

 Studio regulations:

  1. No food or drink
  2. Please return light and, backdrops to their original position.
  3. Dispose of all trash.
  4. Don’t accidentally walk off with tripod’s quick release plate.
  5. Models should be dressed in accordance with Southern Adventist University standards.
  6. Practice safe studio methods.
  7. Sandbag all stands.
  8. Use gloves around hot lights.
  9. Keep hot lights away from ceilings, walls, or any flammable object.
  10. Tighten stands and fixtures securely.
  11. Keep exposed cables out of traffic. Better yet, tape them down.

See Photo Studio Schedule Here

 If something doesn’t work or breaks, please notify Mrs. Leavitt or Professor Ruf at (423) 424-6335.

the school of journalism photo studio