McKee Library Faculty and Staff

Deyse Bravo-Rivera, M.L.S.

Library Director


Genevieve Cottrell, M.Inf., DLitt et Phil

Cataloger (part-time)


Stanley Cottrell II, M.A., M.L.S.

Technical Services Librarian


Sonja Fordham, M.A., Ph.D.

Writing Center Director

Tutoring Center Director


Carol Harrison. B..S.

Circulation Manager


Pamela Jansen,J.D.

Evening Reference Librarian

Periodicals Librarian


Donald Martin, M.S.L.S.

Digital Resources Librarian


Katie McGrath, M.Ed.

Public Services Librarian


Seth Shaffer, M.S.F.S

Library Office & Periodicals Manager


Jessica Spears, M.Ed

Research Services Librarian



The Administrative Department manages the operation of the library in planning, budgeting, human resources, and basic organization. In addition, administration contributes substantially to the library's acquisition of monographic titles and databases.


The Circulation Department facilitates access to the book collection that supports the university's curriculum, research, and scholarship activities. It maintains accessibility to the collection by overseeing checkout, return, accurate shelving, and shelf reading. In addition, it provides assistance in online research techniques to students, faculty, and staff in their academic endeavors. The Circulation Department also processes both electronic and print reserve requests according to copyright law.


This department acquires and manages electronic resources and online databases.

Information Technology

This department installs, configures, and maintains library software, computers, and servers.

Interlibrary Loan

Southern students and employees may use this service to request items not owned by McKee Library.


The Media Department is responsible for:

  • Purchasing all media materials (including cassettes, videos, CDs, laser discs, etc.)
  • Assisting in selecting and viewing videotapes
  • Maintaining video collection
  • Recording programs
  • Duplicating audio and videotapes
  • Video standards conversion
  • Classroom design/layout including selection of screens, projectors, audio/video equipment, lighting and Internet communication.


The Periodical Department houses more than 2,200 titles from all disciplines, of which more than 800 are current. There are more than 40,000 titles available electronically through the different databases, as well as books in microform. The department is located on the main floor of the library to the right of the entrance.


The Reference Department offers a variety of services to help individuals access information effectively. The Reference Librarians are available to answer questions, to guide with specific research, to instruct on database searching, and to find materials.

Technical Services (Acquisitions & Cataloging)

The Technical Services Department is responsible for collection development and maintenance. The department purchases all books for the library (in both print and electronic formats), processes and catalogs items, and maintains the library's online catalog.