Upcoming and Current Happenings

 Art in the Library

Elizabeth Bame Art Exhibit | April 4 through June 30, 2017

A collection of paintings created by Elizabeth Bame will be on display on the library's second floor until June 30, 2017. Most of the paintings in this exhibit come from photos that she has taken while traveling in the US and abroad. “My prayer is that this artwork may draw you to look at the nature around you more closely and therefore point you to the Creator of all the beauty that surrounds us."

Technology and Power Board Game | January through April 28, 2017

Technology and Power, a history course in the Southern Scholars curriculum, studies the relationship between technological development and European expansion into global dominance between 1500 and 1950.  For the final exam students are divided into teams and each team creatively develops a board game that illustrates the relationship between technical innovation and political and economic hegemony.  A display of one of these games is on exhibit through April 28, 2017 on the library's main floor, near periodicals.

WWI Posters | January through April 2017

The United States entered World War I in 1917. To encourage our citizens in their war efforts, as well as to inform them about what was happening, the US government produced massive amounts of posters to be distributed around the country. These posters were considered one of the main means of communication during this time. A collection of these posters is on display through April 2017 on the library's main floor. 


 Upcoming Therapy Dog Visits

  • Thursday, April 6 from 3 to 4 pm
  • Wednesday, April 10 from 5 to 6 pm
  • Wednesday, April 26 from 5 to 6 pm
  • Thursday, May 4 from 3 to 4 pm