Math Club

The Southern Mathematical Society, or Math Club, is organized under the general goals of mathematical education and scientific advancement. The specific objectives are as follows:

1. To encourage and promote the study of higher mathematics on the Southern Adventist University campus.

2. To encourage interest and awareness of mathematics on the Southern Adventist University campus.

3. To provide opportunities for people interested in mathematics to share ideas.

4. To provide opportunities for members to participate in activities of common interest relating to mathematics.

5. To encourage members to make presentations on mathematical concepts and ideas.

6. To encourage social events with members of the club and friends.


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Academic Year T-shirt front T-shirt back
2012-2013 Front Back 
2011-2012  Front  Back
2010-2011 Front  Back
2009-2010 Front   Back
2008-2009 Front  Back 
2007-2008 Front  Back 
2006-2007 Front  Back 
2005-2006 Front  Back 
2004-2005 Front  Back 
2003-2004 Front  Back 
2002-2003 Front  Back 
 2001-2002 Front  Back