Modern Languages

Welcome to the Modern Languages Department!

The ability to communicate in a variety of languages is becoming more essential in today's global community. Knowledge of other cultures should be a key part of the background of a well-educated individual who has a sense of world mission.

By introducing students to other languages and giving them the opportunity to experience other cultures, the Modern Languages Department at Southern Adventist University strives to help overcome stereotypes and prejudices, fosters a spirit of appreciation and inclusiveness, and facilitates easier communication and interaction with persons from other cultures who also speak other languages.

Through the department's language programs and courses, students discover living languages such as American Sign Language, French, German, Italian, and Spanish as reflections of a diverse world.

The Modern Languages Department faculty are dedicated to serving their students. Faculty members offer advice and assistance to students as they plan their college career path. They care about their students and take an active part in their lives. To learn more about the Modern Languages Department at Southern, contact the office staff or one of the faculty members.

Mission Statement

The Modern Languages Department at Southern Adventist University provides a Christian learning environment that enhances the understanding of other cultures and promotes a global dialogue by widening horizons, broadening perspectives, and deepening self-understanding as a worldwide family.