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About the Online Campus

Through a variety of technology-rich instructional approaches, we assist faculty in navigating the digital landscape as it emerges. With evidence from continued research and application, our team works with professors to identify and implement best practices for the integration of technology and to enhance the learning experience with the goal of impacting teaching and learning both in the traditional classroom and online.

Additionally, we aid professors in the creation of visual supports that are dynamic and interactive, building assets and content resources to enhance the learning experience. Pathways that promote active participation in Southern’s learning community are created through the development of teacher presence, social presence, and cognitive presence.

The mission of the Online Campus is twofold:

  • to serve as a leader for the selection and support of classroom technologies, and
  • to provide guidance for schools, departments, and programs to design, develop, and deliver high-quality distance education courses and programs.

Support is configured across campus in a way that parallels best practice by being team-based, collaborative, comprehensive, and action-oriented. An array of services such as faculty development for academic technologies, eClass support, media asset creation, and centralized administrative support for online programs are offered.

Online Courses 

Online Campus courses are designed to be dynamic and supportive. With our frequent student and professor interaction, you may feel as though you’re a part of a physical classroom!

All class resources for online courses can be found on Southern Adventist University's Course Management System called eClass. Weekly student-professor meetings using the Adobe Connect web-communication system allow students and professors to interact in real time. For eClass system requirements, check here.