Teacher Certification Courses

Below is the complete list of teacher certification courses offered fully online. Some of these courses are offered each semester, while others are offered only for a particular semester or in alternating years, as explained in the description of the course.

Upcoming sessions are:
Winter 2019: Jan 7 – May 5
Summer 2019: Jun 3 – Jul 21

After you decide on the courses you would like to take in the upcoming semester, begin the registration process at: southern.edu/adventistcertification

Important: All teacher certification courses contain a "T" at the end of the course number, e.g., EDCI-518T-A Health Principles. These are the only classes for which the teacher certification rate of $150/credit hour is applied. Regular tuition rate applies to all other courses.

Note: Teacher Certification courses are offered on a non-degree basis. This reduced tuition rate is available only to K-12 teachers currently employed in Seventh-Day Adventist schools. (If you have questions regarding which courses you need for certification, please verify with your conference superintendent and/or union registrar prior to registering. You may review the North American Division Certification Manual.)

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Course Title Credits