Using Video for Instruction

Asynchronous Options

Video Lectures

This option consists of recording lectures using a video camera. The video will then be formatted so students will be able to watch it via our web-based video hosting platform Panopto. Ideally lectures can be recorded in a quiet environment with good lighting and few distractions. The Online Campus provides a location near their office for professor and staff use if equipment or a suitable location is not available in your department. For more information, or to schedule a time to use the recording room, please contact Greg Merchant or call 423.236.2086

For more information on this and other asynchronous video lecture options, check here: Lecture Options Details (PDF)

Synchronous Options

Adobe Connect

This is a web conferencing software that enables teachers and students to instantly communicate and collaborate through easy-to-use, easy-to-access online meeting rooms. The meeting rooms allow participants to see and hear each other through the use of webcams and headsets, chat with one another through a chat window, share documents and presentations, and share computer screens. Instructors can choose to have the online meetings be mandatory or optional for Q&A sessions.

Instructors should also decide on the frequency of the meetings and their structure. For low-involvement courses it is often sufficient for the professor to use a webcam and headset so that students can see and hear him/her while students can type comments and questions in the chat window. In courses where students’ involvement is crucial students can be required to purchase their own webcam and headset so every individual in the meeting room can see and hear other participants.

More information can be found on our Adobe Connect Tutorial page.

For information on licensing and access to Adobe Connect, please contact Ryan Harrell or call 423.236.2287

Southern has purchased limited user licenses of Zoom, a video conferencing solution that is requires no user account creation for students to access and is easy to set up, join, and manage. This option is great for meetings that primarily focus on group discussions where multiple users will be on video and audio at the same time.

For information on licensing and access to Zoom, please contact Gary Sewell or call Information Technology at 423.236.2705

Polycom Room Systems

There are several classrooms on campus set up with full room systems that allow direct connection to both other room systems at other campuses and web-based users.

For more information about which rooms are set up for this, as well as scheduling and availability please contact Nick White or call 423.236.2412

Once a medium is decided, consider:

Meeting Attendance: Mandatory? Optional? 
Audio/Visual: Professor only? All participants? 
Meeting Frequency: Daily? 2x/week? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Meeting Schedule: Day? Time?