Judy Sloan, PhD

   ProfessorJudy Sloan   
   Email: jsloan@southern.edu 
   Phone: 423.236.2595
   Office Room #: HWC 3125
   Fall 2019 Course Schedule

Born and raised in Washington State, I attended a public high school and played sports as much as possible without Sabbath interference. After high school, I decided to go to an Adventist college and attended Union College in Lincoln, NE. Although Union did not have an athletic program there was plenty to do and intramurals kept me involved in sports. I went as a student missionary to Kenya, East Africa for a year which helped me see the world differently and grow spiritually.

After graduating from Union with degrees in PE and History, I worked at Maplewood Academy for two years and then moved to Oregon and worked at Milo Academy for seven years. For the first five years at Milo I was the girls' dean and the last two years I was the athletic director and vice-principal. I completed my masters' degree at Central Washington University in the summer of 1994. After my time at Milo Academy, I returned to Lincoln, NE and began a Ph.D. program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I came to Southern Adventist University in 2001 and graduated with my Ph.D. from UN-L in May of 2003.

I greatly enjoy being at Southern Adventist University, the campus is friendly and spiritually focused. I love the variety of classes that I am able to teach from fitness-based classes like Women's Fitness, Active Brain, and Backpacking to theory classes like Motor Learning, Elementary Physical Education Methods, and Administration of Physical Education and Recreation. I love being outdoors and there are plenty of opportunities for camping, backpacking and biking in Tennessee.

Typical Weekly Schedule
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8:30 a.m.   Elem School PE Methods   Elem School PE Methods  
9 a.m.  Office  Office  
9:30 a.m. Phys Activity Elem Schools Phys Activity Elem Schools  
10 a.m.  Office  Office OL Council
(Once a month)   
10:30 a.m.  Office  Out at Schools  Office  Office   
11 a.m. Drugs and Society  Out at Schools   Drugs and Society Convocation  PEHW Meeting
(Once a month)
12 p.m.  Office  Fit for Hire Office Fit for Hire  
1 p.m. Fit for Hire  Office  Fit for Hire Office   
2 p.m. Fit for Collegiate Life Adaptive Phys Educ Fit for Collegiate Life Adaptive Phys Educ
3 p.m.     Office for
Online PEAC
125 & 425 
3:30 p.m.      
4 p.m.      
5 p.m.          
6 p.m.          

Class Meeting Location

  • HLED-356-A: Drugs and Society
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3149
  • PEAC-125-C: Fitness for Collegiate Life
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3135
  • PEAC-125-G: Fitness for Collegiate
    Meets: Online
  • PEAC-425-A: Fit for Hire
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3135
  • PEAC-425-B: Fit for Hire
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3135
  • PEAC-425-C: Fit for Hire
    Meets: Online Class
  • PEAC-425-D: Fit for Hire
    Meets: Online Class (Nursing Students Only)
  • PETH-437-A: Adaptive Physical Education
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3149
  • PETH-463-A: Elementary School PE Methods
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3149