Mike Boyd, MSS

   Associate ProfessorMike Boyd
   Email: mboyd@southern.edu 
   Phone: 423.236.2854
   Office Room #: HWC 3107 
   Fall 2019 Course Schedule

Born just south of Pittsburgh, PA in 1972, Boyd grew up in Upstate New York for most of his life. While living there he found a passion for sports and the outdoors. Boyd loves hiking, camping, backpacking, and all of the team and individual sports. But most of all, Boyd enjoys spending time with his wife and two young girls doing all of the activities mentioned.

Boyd graduated from Atlantic Union College in the Winter of 1999 after completing his BS degree in physical education. He then went on to work towards a MSS. in fitness management from the United States Sports Academy, completing that program in 2007.

For ten years Boyd worked at Union Springs Academy in several areas including physical education teacher, science teacher, vice principal, dean of men, and registrar.
Boyd currently serves as an associate professor in the School of Physical Education, Health & Wellness.

"Life is good...God is Better!" Ps. 63:3

Typical Weekly Schedule
Please contact directly by email or phone to ensure an office appointment.

8 a.m. Fit X Fit X Fit X Fit X   Office
9 a.m. Fitness Collegiate Life      Fitness Collegiate Life    Office
9:30 Gym Climbing 
10 a.m. Office  Office  OL Council / Office
11 a.m. Fitness for Collegiate Life Office  Fitness for Collegiate Life PEHW Meeting
12 p.m.          
1 p.m.   Personal Trainer   Personal Trainer  
2 p.m. Basic Tennis
Basic Golf Basic Tennis Basic Golf  
3 p.m. Fitness for Collegiate Life   Fitness for Collegiate Life    
4 p.m.   Mt. Biking   Mt. Biking   
5 p.m.          
6 p.m.          

Class Meeting Location

  • ADAC-200-A: Gym Climbing
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center Indoor Rock Wall
  • ADAC-214-A: Mt. Biking
    Meets: Shed behind Iles Gym by Tennis Courts
  • PEAC-125-A, C, D: Fitness Collegiate Life
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3135
  • PEAC-136-A: Basic Golf
    Meets: Outdoor Putting/Chipping Green by Tennis Courts or Iles Gym or Iles Green Room 3436
  • PEAC-134-A: Basic Tennis
    Meets: At Tennis Courts behind Iles Gym or in Iles gym if weather is bad
  • PEAC-223-A, B: FitX
    Meets: Iles Gym
  • PETH-325-A: Personal Trainer
    Meets: Hulsey Wellness Center 3145