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We are always looking for new SOAP trip ideas and people to lead others out into nature.

If you are interested in becoming a SOAP leader, click Apply Now to fill out a SOAP Leader Application and tell us your trip ideas.

Don't worry, you don't have to be an outdoor leadership major to apply!

If you don't have a new trip you would like to lead but are interested in leading one of our "staple" trips, let us know.


Mike Harris                                           Adventure Programming Director and Outdoor Leadership Professor, Mike hopes to introduce students to their Creator through nature while helping them become better leaders.


 Eric Payne

Eric Payne - Graduate Assistant                Currently a MSED student getting his master's in Outdoor Education. Eric is from South Carolina and hopes to continue his education to be an outdoor education professor some day. 


 Elisha Fowler

 Elisha Fowler - Graduate Assistant          Currently a MSED student getting his master's in Outdoor Education. Elisha is from Chattanooga, TN and hopes to continue his education with his doctorate and become an outdoor education professor.


Anna Plank 

Anna Plank - Graduate Assistant        Currently a MSED student getting her master's in Outdoor Education. Anna is from Colorado and wants to use what she is learning to help her get a job doing graphic design and photography for an outdoor company.