The BA degree in physics with teaching certification is recommended for a career in secondary teaching.

To help physics graduates evaluate their academic progress and to aid the department in evaluating teaching effectiveness, each senior is required to:

  • Take the ETS Major Field Test in Physics.
  • Take the physics portion of the GRE if planning to apply to a graduate program in physics. A score above the 35th percentile is necessary for recommendation for graduate study.
  • Take PHYS 480 and do original research 
    as a prerequisite.

Taken from Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

The BA degree in physics requires 30 hours of physics courses, plus General Education requirements and electives.

Sample Course Schedule:

BA Physics 2019-2020

BA Physics 2018-2019

BA Physics 2017-2018

BA Physics 2016-2017

BA Physics 2015-2016