The BS Physics degree is designed to prepare a student for graduate work in physics leading to a career in education at the tertiary level and/or applied or basic research in a variety of settings. Students completing this program of study will have have well-developed quantitative problem solving skills and a strong foundation for any physics-related career. Many of our graduates have pursued traditional careers in academia and in industrial research (e.g. aerospace, high energy, and nuclear power), while others have transferred their problem solving skills to a diverse range of careers. Examples include geology, law, history, medical-related professions, software engineering and other computer-related careers, including statisticians and pilots.

To help the physics graduates evaluate their academic progress and to aid the department in evaluating teaching effectiveness, each senior is required to:

  • Take the ETS Major Field Test in Physics.
  • Take the physics portion of the GRE if planning to apply to a graduate program in physics. A score above the 35th percentile is necessary for recommendation for graduate study.
  • Take PHYS 480 and do original research as a prerequisite.

Taken from Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

Sample Course Schedule:

BS Physics 2019-2020

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BS Physics 2015-2016