Physics Study Library

If you are looking for a place to meet with peers from your classes to discuss homework problems or to study for tests, the Physics Study Library is the perfect place! This is also a great place to go for help if you have questions about a concept, as professor's offices are connectedStudy Room directly to this study room, so help from professors is readily available.

Tutors are available through the physics department during each semester, as well. Tutoring hours are Sunday-Thursday from 7-9 p.m. There are posters in several places around the department with information about tutoring. See the Tutor Schedule.

The study room provides students with plenty of resources:

  • Scientific magazines / journals (for example: Popular ScienceSky & Telescope, and the American Journal of Physics)
  • Reference materials such as university physics & chemistry textbooks, and data tables
  • Information about colleges and study-abroad programs
  • Various research from scientists around the world
  • Books on general physics, modern physics, optics, mechanics, engineering, astronomy, philosophy, etc.