Dr. Chris Hansen

Dr. Chris Hansen graduated from Southern Adventist University in 1989 with a BS in physics and mathematics.  His seniorChris Hansen project was titled “Ab initio calculations of changes in molecular properties with atomic substitutions.”  He continued his education by receiving his Ph.D. in Physics from Colorado State University in 1995.  He completed research for his dissertation–“Isotopically selective detection of krypton–85 using photon burst mass spectrometry”–at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where a large isotope separator was available for ultra-trace analysis of radioactive noble gas isotopes.

He continued his work with trace isotope detection as a post-doctoral researcher at Argonne National Laboratory, using resonance ionization spectroscopy for planetary and space research as well as studying fundamental particle-surface interactions.

At Southern, Dr. Hansen's primary research project is a collaborative effort with faculty in the Biology Department using optical traps to study bacteria interactions.  He has also had the chance to collaborate with ion source development at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

While finishing his doctoral work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dr. Hansen met his wife, Gaylene.  They were married in 1994, and moved to Chicago.  In 1996, the Hansens came to Southern to teach.  They now have one daughter and one son.

In addition to teaching classes, Dr. Hansen has been the Physics Department Chair since the summer of 2007.  In his free time he likes to read, cycle, camp, and garden.  His recent vacations have taken him exploring in the Pacific Northwest.

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