Faculty and Staff

The faculty in the Physics and Engineering Department is dedicated to making each student succeed during his or her college career. Each staff member works closely with students to provide the best education they can receive. Students readily receive the help they need in understanding the class material due to the small student-to-teacher ratio.

To learn more about the faculty members' college experiences, research, and careers, visit our faculty profile pages:

Name    Office Phone        Email Website
Ken Caviness, PhD, Chair   423.236.2856       caviness@southern.edu Bonvenon!
Blake Laing, PhD, Professor   423.236.2662       laing@southern.edu  
Henry Kuhlman, PhD (Emeritus)   423.236.2870       hkuhlman@southern.edu  
Steven Kuhlman, DBA (Adjunct)           stevenkuhlman@southern.edu  
Chris Hansen, PhD (Adjunct)           chansen@southern.edu  
Dennisse R. Blood, Office Manager    423.236.2669       iriosblood@southern.edu  
Department Fax   423.236.1669